Godel's Proof and The Human Condition

Godel's Proof and The Human Condition

-how Godel's Proof and The Human Condition 'evolved into existence' as opposed to how 'human knowledge so far' has been conjectured ... institutionalized [and bumbled] into existence out of neonate ignorance and pecking order(*).

What is 'the human condition'? Google it; what do you get? Ask someone -anyone; ask a scientist -makes no difference. For a primer, try this: Lindsay Lohan, Ann Landers and Dear Abby; historical examples? -'The Rape of Nanking', Dresden, Srevenica, the Rwandan genocide et cetera; 'the arts'? Munch's Scream, Penderecki's Threnody For Hiroshima, Salinger's Catcher In The Rye, Neil Diamond's Done Too Soon and Schlesinger's Midnight Cowboy -not enough yet? 'human rights', 'natural rights and freedoms', 'animal rights', 'Save The Whales' and on!

'The human condition' is an intellectual entity in that it cannot have come into existence without 'at least some pro-hominid or higher co- existence' out of which some 'essentially discomfiting and unfathomable situation' (intellectual entity) might evolve and develop -language, however 'crude', the only and inseparable agency of such entity existence and communication.

'The human condition', then, is a 'poetic' phrase for human interactions and 'wrongs' of a sort we do not etiologically understand and cannot reliably explain to each other, but believe we can -'the human phenomenon and things human', more properly -'the human condition' itself, a 'thing human':

There is no way for humans to have learned or to learn anything of 'unambiguous factuality except out of ignorance and successively more logical and less ambiguous refinement '(statistical probity -*) -science and (evolving) the inevitable refutation of 'belief systems' of any kind.

The State of Affairs

1 - Whatever the circumstances and dynamics of mankind's evolution, 'natural evolutionary process' made it possible for evolving mankind to eventually develop successively more life-facilitating technology well before he 'cerebrated' awareness of any kind regarding the nature of such development and his 'deliberative' capabilities for doing so -accordingly, then-

2 - Man eventually 'deliberated' hierarchically more complex, operational processes and structures into existence -well before any understanding of the intellectually higher-order nature of such development -informal institutionalization therein, of language, idiomatics, 'authority' et cetera -the 'conjuration into existence', eventually, of successively higher-order 'explanations' for a more formally institutionalizing 'people and their ways', religion and 'government' -'economics' eventually and in particular -'commercial man' so to speak.

3 - The variously 'primitive' institutions and institutionalizations of 'civilizing, commercial man' (above) eventually developed into disciplinary and academic existence of language 'common' to themselves today, in other words, but of still variable meanings and interpretabilities well before any dynamics of evolutionary biology underlying this development became anything of scientific inquiry, discovery and knowledge -'formally' institutionalized ('national') culture, religion, government (The Constitution), economics ('heterodox'?), law (the Supreme Court), 'political theory' and 'the humanities' -mathematics, physics and 'forensic integrity'(*) eventually -'the human phenomenon and things human' -'the human condition'.

[Academic 'thought' of any kind is either institutionalized by fact of at least language alone or it's not academic thought at all. Typically, naturally and traditionally then, 'new and original' such thought actually institutionalizes in the mind as it 'evolves' and develops out of that pre-existing institutionalized 'thought'. The pecularity of this is that once become so personally institutionalized -integral one's persona, so to speak, the academic principal is not really in position (loathe? -'the human condition'?) to 'alter' either 'thought' or persona -ergo Not Invented Here (NIH) and 'deafness' to anything perhaps otherwise. Dirigiste Heurism too, then, is evolved and developed out of 'institutionalized knowledge', but it is that of state-of-the-art science -and solidly rooted there too.]

The Descent Into The Human Condition

Godel's Proof and The Human Condition is a scientific inquiry into 'what' that condition is and, more specifically, how it evolved into existence -and given its essential indefinition (Lindsay Lohan et cetera above), the only way to make that inquiry is to use what 'best' science we have for whatever devolution entailed that end. The essays and their material, in this respect, did not develop by 'extending already existing institutionalized knowledge' (above) so much as by questioning the meaning of broad statements typical of all such institutionalization so far -academic and disciplinary in particular. As evidenced by difference between 'upload to website' dates and 'first draft' dates (highlighted in yellow)(*2) the effect of this was a sort of scatter-shot or hop-scotch co-development of essays material, footnotes and appendices -often two or more at at time -but a well-integrated whole(*) as a result.
   Not 'needless to say', then, this devolutionary mechanism resulted in many discoveries the importance of which have yet 'register in civilization' -the first two in particular:

1 - The happenstantial appearance of Godel's Proof precipitated 'possible applicability to language in general' as an analytical tool for a more properly 'scientific' analysis of language itself and the evolution of words and language in general -the evolution of deliberative capability and 'knowledge'(*), and The Matter of Forensic Integrity(*) eventually -the discovery and address of 'a major and continuing language problem in the thus-far nature and discussion of the affairs of man since his first primitive experiencing human condition of any kind'.

2 - Perhaps more interesting still is that 'devolving the human phenomenon and things human into the biological evolution of the human condition' -evolutionary process, the evolution of language and all, resulted in the discovery of various human inevitabilities(*) such as can only but 'meliorate what life on earth -environmental and other corruptions, we leave to a posterity shaking its head': "What did they think they were doing?" -the whole a consequence of deliberative capability, 'a machine that goes by itself'.

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March 8, 2011

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Godel's Proof and The Human Condition
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