Godel's Proof and The Human Condition - The Basic Essays


The 'pithies' here are observations that the writer deems important to understanding the nature of thus-far mankind in the evolution of man tomorrow -here, seven general categories:
The Human Condition(*4)
The Nature Of The Organism(*5)
Forensics - Language And Linguistics(*6)
Political Commentary(*7)
Cultural Anthropology(*8)

The Evolution of Knowledge
Someone out there is laughing at jokes I'll never get -understands things I never will. But I don't mind being 'stupid' that way because that's how evolution works. -If I have a problem with this, it's really only others with the same problem -laughing at my 'stupidity'.

Wealth, indenturement and posterity
'Wealth', be it bank deposits, convertible stocks, bonds, whatever, identifies a government's 'indenturement of its peoples to make it good' -exercise of which, further (and pecking-order-based), does not typically or necessarily entail 'the best interests of society'.
(-from 'Sustainable Resource Use' and The Nature of Civilization and Government/Economy under Thus-far Human Evolution)

Ignorance and Parenting-
More often than not, parents are proud of their children, but also -typically, they have no idea how ignorant either they or their children are. -Don't believe it? -just read Dear Abby or Ann Landers.

What history teaches us-
Because we understand little of the biology and anthropology underlying 'the human condition' -the etiology of the human condition, we study history again and again only to 'learn' the same false lessons again and again.

American entertainment-
American music, TV and films are so bad -and American consumerist democracy so 'sure' of itself, that every teenager thruout the world has secret hopes of being 'discovered by Hollywood' -keeps us all, in time, perhaps a little ignorant and immature -but still 'youthfully and exuberantly hopeful' nevertheless!!!


(*3) On 'Faculties Of The Mind' -political in particular
We know that are various 'facultative' differences between individuals that are due to genetic subtleties and resulting inner workings of the brain. There is some real possibility, therefore, that the 'conservative' mind differs from the 'liberal' with respect to how each is disposed to respond and 'operate' out of more generally underlying genetic imperative internal to both. Consider only that the conservative tends to be more or less easily and/or strongly distracted by matters of an existential nature -'substance' more or less immediate to him, whereas the liberal tends to 'ruminate on such matters' -even to the inclusion of the arts and sciences in addition -call it 'depth of relationals'.

(*1) Self-Importance
It never occurs to anyone, however circumstantially, innocently, ignorantly or inadvertently, that, from the viewpoint of some future better knowledge, he might be found not only having been superfluous, but in fact pejorative, to 'the best interests of the life-form as ineluctably driven by genetic imperative and deliberative capability'.

'Sexual Expression'
... It is NO ONE'S to decide what is or is not 'proper sexual expression', especially for the intersexed -'not god nor government's.
(-from (The) Etiology of Homosexuality and Divorce and ...)

'Convenience Consumerism' and TV
One of the more interesting discoveries from neuroscience ... is that certain brain cells associated with intelligence and knowledge do normally regenerate and even multiply -that, however, only to the extent that they are 'stressed by circumstance and learning', thus, the brain of 'unpiqued' life in 'unpiquing' environment -the 'average' individual in routine life, eventually atrophies into a relative inability to do more than engage 'convenience consumerism and TV'.
(-from Evolving Society's Issues and Variables)

On homosexuality-
The reader might consider for a moment that whatever his or her own 'sexual orientation', on a desert island with an only one other person of either sex or orientation, sex would inevitably 'rear its ugly, little head', and 'accommodation' of some kind be made regardless of either.
(-from The Etiology of Homosexuality -and Divorce)

Employment and employability
It is neither 'mentally' nor physiologically possible for science and technology, government or any other agency or combination to generate, arbitrarily, either employment or 'idlemind occupation' -especially 'meritable', for everyone in overpopulation of what actual labor is required to sustain him-

Evolutionary Process Under Modern Man
'Evolutionary process', 'dynamic stability' and 'sustainability' are phrases completely inapplicable and meaningless to 'warm-blooded, merely cerebrating vertebrate' pre-sapiens man. Modern man (H sapiens), on the other hand, is not only the first and only organism 'evolved to such process discovery', but is destined too, to 'evolving the very nature of those processes' as they apply to his very existence and those of all other organisms and processes of the planet too.


Democracy as the best form of government
In one sense or another, democracy is vaunted 'the best form of government because it invites a diversity of opinion and gives people what they want'. Completely superceding this however, is the fact that it is not 'opinion', diverse or otherwise, which is the primary basis of intellectual evolutionary process, but the statistical probity of such 'opinion' -science, pure and simple -nor is 'what they want' necessarily 'good' for them.

Fact versus opinion-
Few people realize that what is commonly stated and typically argued as fact -politics and talk-shows inseparable, is really opinion. Unlike opinion however, science (findings) is not 'a matter of opinion'.


The Hegemony of Religious or Other 'isms'
The religionist or 'believer' of any kind whatsoever -'natural rights and freedoms' and 'the superiority of American free-enterprise, capitalist democracy' included, is 'free' to believe anything he wants -but others should NOT in any way be his to subject or institutionalize to those beliefs.
(-paraphrased from Darwin Versus The Creator)

Modern aristocracy
It can be said with great confidence that no one of modern aristocracy (the common man :-) is about to compromise his lifestyle and quality of life to such a thing as 'inevitable attrition' as long as there are others screwing 'cheap natural resources and labor' to absolutely no compromise of their own.

On 'democracy' -the United States in particular-
One cannot but observe that democracy gives its constituency 'everyone his right to vote his ignorance' -that 'right' itself, consequently, 'democratically manipulable' -and manipulated.
(-from The Issues and Variables of Evolving Society -Part 3 of The Nature and Course of Human Evolution as The Basis of Economic Policy)

What 'well to do' means-
The underlying 'prerogative' of the well-to-do is his not wanting his life-style disturbed by others 'scratching' (generally 'beneath' him :-) for that same prerogative.

Reagan, Bush et cetera
There are children that, because of the way they are raised, believe their world of quotidia to be all there is to life -woe to us for those of them who become our leaders then, for theirs is a government of 'peanut-butter and jelly sandwich' simplicity.

'Knowledge versus conservativism'-
Being 'The master of one's fate, captain of his soul' is the core mentality and modus vivendi of those who think 'I know best what I need and want' -the reason, therefore, that scientists in general reject political conservativism in favor of knowledgeably more organism-whole encompassing government.

On 'caring' and 'sensitivity' and other such 'in touch with' and 'now' matters-
Whatever our 'best motives' regarding the relationships of our 'lot in life' with those of others -'above' us or 'below', it is inherent of education as it exists thruout the world today that 'lessers' have little, real knowledge of what their 'betters' really think, care or even know about them -and vice versa.


Cell Phones and American Free-Enterprise Consumerism
There is a generally unrecognized but profound 'sink' in the use of cell phones, and that is that not only is the individual 'chatting' caller NOT thinking about 'something more purposeful' that he would, in general, be doing otherwise, but that he is also ignorantly roping-in his respondent to this 'intellectually subspeciating prattle' -two wastes on the call of one -of course, it could be that the respondent also has nothing better to do
-idle-mind time and occupation.

Religious Fraternity
There are two general modes of religious 'being', (i) practicing and (ii) secular ('non-practicing'), be that fraternity Muslim, Christian, Jewish, whatever. 'Practicing' then, identifies the member as 'just ignorant' in whatever sense of the phrase -and 'secular' then, identifies the principal as more or less 'deliberately and ignorantly committing himself to fraternity' in the worst sense of the phrase.

The well-to-do (typically conservative) looking 'below'-
Top-feeders of cheap labor are fully aware that bottom-feeders do not have the time, resources and stamina to 'get an education and advance themselves' -insist, still, that 'They could do it if they really wanted to'.

(*2) On 'democracy and other noumenalisms'-
What most people do not understand (economists most importantly?), is that democracy, like any religion, is merely an artifact of human evolution, that there is nothing intrinsically 'sacred', 'good' or even 'proper' about it, that, in fact, it is merely 'something along the road' to something more organism-whole than 'primitively pecking-ordered individual'.

Religion and ethnicity
Ethnicity and religion are -thruout the world, elements of pre-disposition and corresponding intellectual stagnation -sources of continuing conflict consequently, that only education can supercede -and that essentially perforce, 1st-World-down.


'Job worth' and pay-
It is only a matter of time before some 'mathematically inclined student' goes on to some 'traditional' professorship of relatively fixed regimen/hours, but some other similarly inclined and capable student opts instead for trash-collecting that 'no one wants to do', but of more or less equal pay and fewer labor/hours -and more 'free time for mathematics or other intellectual or life-style-and-quality interests' -a 'multistationality of occupation' therein.]
(-from The Nature and Course of Human Evolution as The Basis of Economic Policy.)

On wealth and knowledge-
Because all physiology and cerebration is physically rate-limited, the pursuit of wealth (and spending it) subordinates and detracts from the development of 'a familiarity with the human condition'. The wealthy 'dispensing their wealth in the public interest', consequently, can only presume to know what 'public interest' is -especially 'best'. The non-philanthropist, worse still (all others -living requirements aside) merely chews up cheap natural resources and labor in 'display' of one form or another -pecking-order and emulation, without even such interest.

On the substance of education-
... we might consider how American economics are influenced by 'free-enterprise, capitalist democracy' soliciting and purveying to the opinions of 'worldly ignorant, still-learning youth' for anything that can be turned into money -whereas, more properly, the opinion of the learning student should not be engaged for anything except the specific purpose -heuristic, of developing integrity and continuing breadth of growing knowledge.
(-from part 3 of The Nature and Course of Human Evolution as The Basis of Economic Policy.)

Sustainable resource use-
-is inherently heuristic in 'nature of evolution' -the sooner undertaken therefore, the more efficacious that determination and efficient that use.


Armament: existence, production and use
The use of armament, aggressive or defensive, is based in vertebrate pecking-order and is, in effect, kept alive by an intrinsic absence of off-setting rationale such as had [and still has] to be deliberated into existence -knowledge in particular, regarding hominid evolution and the etiology of warfare.
The more humanist an autonomy is, like individuals themselves of 'knowledge and sophistication', the more likely it is to avoid conflict -but armament necessarily remains 'the tool of ultimate confrontation.'
The production of arms -1st and 2nd Worlds almost entirely, and their trafficking and use in virtually all countries of the world, are a major source of both employment and idlemind-occupation -the latter whether principals are employed, unemployed or unemployable.

Sooner or later, whether compromising the independence of 1st World nations or indenturing non-1st-World nations to them, trade with the latter will have to be openly manipulated to their economic advantage and general survival, if only to keep them from 'screwing up' beyond what even the 1st World presently knows how to contain. Such intervention will be inveighed initially, but inevitably approved and joined.
In a world of autonomies which are 'inseparable and interdependent in well-being and what the system can bear', which cannot knowledgeably and will not, generally, collaborate or accede some 'degrade' of autonomy (regardless of 'the infinite scheme of things'), each nation that can develop an 'attrition its own' within these principles must and will do so eventually, precedent-setting or not, if only, ultimately, as a matter of survival.
(-from Arms Reduction and Global Reconstruction)

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