The Opening Page -index

Book I - Evolutionary Process -Human Evolution and Nature

Kernel Properties of The Hominid Organism
The System of Human Experience
The 'Black Box' Nature and Course of Human Existence
The Base-Domain of Human Requirements
On Scientific Integrity in These Essays - On 'Relationals', as Example

Book II - Government and Economics -Nature and Evolutionary Aspects

The Nature and Course of Human Evolution as The Basis of Economic Policy -abstract and preface
Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - Evolutionary Framework Factors
Part 3 - Issues and Variables of Evolving Society
Part 4 - Heuristic Government and Economic Policy
Human Nature and Continuing Human Existence
'How We Came to Democracy -The Best Form of Government' -Why It Isn't and Where It's Going

Book III - Evolutionary Aspects -Linguistics, Language and Forensics

Roget's Thesaurus and 'The System of Human Experience'
Organizational Aspects of 'The Human Phenomenon and Things Human'
The Matter of Forensic Integrity
Garbage In, Garbage Out
Godel's Proof and The Human Condition

Book IV - Inter Alia - Monographs, Notes, Reports, Bad Science, Miscellanea

Internal References

Afro-American Idiom, Experience and Unemployment
Arms Reduction and Global Reconstruction
Belief in 'Competition -Good for Society', The
Biolinguistic Agenda, A -BEHAVIOR: Science 14 November 2008 -commentary
Breakdown - A Futurology
'Business' and 'Making money'
Democracy -and Further
Economics and The Human Condition
Energy Expenditure in 'Well-Being and The Quality of Life'
Etiology of Homosexuality (and Divorce and ..., The
Evolution, Autonomy and Aristocratization
Feminism, Male Sex, Evolution and Jail
Global Warming and Other Geological Time-frame Matters of Economic Interest
Gross Demographic Changes Attaching Sustainable Resource Use - The Failure of 'Sustainable Resource Use' by 2040-50
Human Condition, The
Key Words, Phrases and Concepts
Manifesto for Sustainable Resource Use
'Orphans of Aids' and Other Matters at Large -Opinion
Pecking Order, Competition, Institution, Government and Economic Policy
Population, Development and Pollution - Sustainable Resource Use and Latino (and other) Power
Questions and Answers
Social Security and the 'Death by Evolution' of Pensioning and 'Private Wealth'
'Sustainable Resource Use' and The Nature of Civilization and Government/Economy under Thus-far Human Evolution
Tragedy Of The Commons, The -Commentary
Unemployability Conjecture, The
Unemployment and Economic Policy
War Between the Sexes, The

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[Dated material remains remarkably true.]

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