Godel's Proof and The Human Condition - The Basic Essays

Key Words, Phrases and Concepts

(*3) aristocratization:
the evolutionary process by which ... mankind's speciation and continuing progression has generally been manifest as successively higher-orders of deliberative capability -essentially of 'increasing phenomenology and decreasing noumenalism'.
(-from Arms Reduction and Global Reconstruction)
Meant here is evolutionary property based in biology and anthropology in complete distinction (and repudiation) of classical, socio/political definition of perhaps even 'social Darwinism' cast:
The supercessions of mankind -one genus or strain of hominids by another, false starts and dead branches included, are characterizable as an 'aristocratization' in that each such hominid is 'increasing-potentially capable of manifesting a more phenomenologically knowledgeable viability and idlemind-occupation' ... -a more sophisticated life-style-and-quality ...
(-from Kernel Properties of The Hominid Organism)

cerebrative capability
(*j - on 'merely cerebrative capability' as opposed to deliberative)
'Warm-blooded' vertebrates on the other hand, display in addition something of a 'cerebration in
relationals' distinguishing (eg) prey running 'catchably slower' than others, 'contemplating' what distance is 'leapable' and what male 'peckable', and 'maneuvering for what female mountable', effectively manifesting the pecking-order that is the basis, even to a certain 'psychological influence' (intimidation, 'display', 'appeal', fear etc), of basic, classical persona. For hominids, further still but in particular, it is thru reification that the persona of human-being -and his 'god' and 'creativity', eventually became manifest (below).
(-from The System of Human Experience)
see also Kernel Properties of The Hominid Organism and 'human nature' below,

configuration-space investment:
the learning and assimilation of 'the phenomenological properties of the econiche (and universe)' that facilitate hominid viability and progression -that characterize the evolution and intrinsic 'aristocratization' of mankind.
[Sleep, for example, is not 'especially space-investing' -nor (typically) graffiti either -unless it happens to be somehow 'advancing' of the knowledge/sophistication/connectivity we sometimes associate with the arts or literature. Computerized stock-trading, likewise, is not (usually) 'configuration-space investing' in that is it is, rather, 'deliberatively free-loading' and therefore 'generally pejorative to that evolution'. -See Unemployment and Economic Policy.]

congregational sexuality:
Companionate sexuality and deliberative capability reflect a coevolution towards thinking-and-doing beyond the physical limitations of one body alone to the evolutionally and progressively expeditious cooperation or co-use of another's. It is only thru broad and pervasive present human confrontation and interaction that the phrase 'congregational sexuality' (here) effectively supercedes what was, even into relatively modern times, primitive sex-and-companionship (which, not uncoincidentally, need be either monogamous nor 'harmonious').
(-from Kernel Properties of The Hominid Organism)

'The matter of consciousness' ... is somewhat different in the sense that its high-order definition as 'a state of awareness' obscures its origin in the 'nature of conceptualization' that is intrinsic the evolution of deliberative capability.
[It is in this framework that consciousness, 'the state of awareness', is an intellectualization reflecting 'the nature of evolutionary process to invest a space -be manifest- thru intrinsic organizational properties' -meaningless without a space under investment by 'an organism discovering such investment' to be an element of that space phenomenology. Consciousness then, is a 'conceptualization' for reificational process in consideration of its nature -human evolutionary process investing the organizational properties of its space: the 'consciousness' of non-deliberating animals is not observable to them, but it is observable of them by humans.]
(-from The System of Human Experience)

deliberative capability:
A generally human property identifying 'machine that goes by itself' potential for discovery increasing noetic aspects of the configuration space -evolving and/or increasing his knowledge -physical in particular, but intrinsically relational'. -This is, notably, one of the basic properties 'kernel' to hominid evolution(*6), especially as eventually manifest in reification as for example, 'deliberating some particular heuristic process'.
(-from The System of Human Experience)
see also Kernel Properties of The Hominid Organism -and 'human nature' below.)

diasporation, saturation and dynamic stability:
There are three modes of organism viability manifest in any econiche: diasporative, that of a new organism effecting some 'essentially new' econiche stability; saturative, the organism overpopulating what the econiche can support of it and, consequently, receding into (3) stable, manifesting the 'dynamic stability' of classical, econiche biologies.
(-from The Unemployability Conjecture - Economics Note 3, in which this is discussed further.)

dirigiste heurism:
that form of government that 'codifies that property of deliberative capability' in such a way (government) as to provide for its own heuristic restructuring by incorporating 'the discovered phenomenology of the organism and its configuration space' (science and mathematics) to (genetic imperative) the 'best continuing well-being and viability of the life-form'. (See 'Supreme Court'.)
(-from Appendix 1 of The Nature and Course of Human Evolution as The Basis of Economic Policy - Part 3)

(*a) dynamic stability (classical) is that stability of an econiche in which the numbers and distributions of organisms related by some particular dynamic are identifiable by 'envelopes' -the 'ringing', pseudo-oscillating or 'strange attractor' numbers or distributions of wolves and moose in some northern locales, for example, and the resettled jiggling of flies in the sunlight jiggled by some either internal or external agency -ergo absent the influence of man capable of affecting that 'stability'. 'Dynamic stability' it should be noted, in no way invalidates geological time-frame; it merely identifies seeming such stability with human general length of life -even projected.
(-from The 'Black Box' Nature and Course of Human Existence)

(*1) evolutionary process (biology):
the process by which an organism of biologically esoteric, genetic properties comes to produce -typically by successive organism reproduction, a second organism of likewise distinguishable such generic properties. The 'advancing nature' of evolution, furthermore, derives entirely from 'chance in the nature of matter'.
'classical evolutionary process' then, identifies evolutionary process absent an organism capable of influencing it by deliberative capability -reificational influence as, in particular, that of H erectus forward.

(*5) existentialism, in this writer's view, is not so much 'a complex, philosophical ideation' as a reification of 'the circumstantial, merely cerebrative modus vivendi of thus-far humankind', thus -reductively, it is the here-and-now-ness of what life routinely and briefly appears to be -here-and-now-ness of 'me and mine' existence and welfare and NOT some 'nature and course of human evolution and progression' -nothing deep -'the human condition'.
(-from Gross Demographic Changes Attaching Sustainable Resource Use (or) The Failure of 'Sustainable Resource Use' by 2040-50)

fallow utility [FU]
In general, the higher one is in 'the maintenance of government/economy' (of any kind) thru some one or other 'essentially professional faculty or specialization', the greater is his potential for maintaining his 'relative usefulness to government/economy' thru some other 'faculty' should the first cease to be effective; 'fallow utility', in other words, is relatable to any idle-mind-time or related 'inoccupation' that is subject to 'becoming more meritably productive' -unemployment, 'premature retirement' and even 'slacker/fuck-off' time -especially that 'aristocratically upward' (e.g. 'reason for stocktrading'. The antithesis of 'fallow capability' then, is 'uselessness' as the inverse of 'potentially meritable usefulness' -ineducable, unemployable drone/burden at worst.

forensic integrity:
essential consistency and nonambiguity in dialogue (oral or written), and therefore essential reliance upon phenomenologically qualified definitions to the exclusion of 'noumena'.
(-see The Matter of Forensic Integrity)

(*2) genetic imperative
that property of live organisms that commits the organism ('mechanical' genetics operating) to remaining viable at least long enough to manifest 'the as-evolved viability of the organism in its econiche'. Implicit then, are also varying degrees of adaptability for econiche changes, both evolutionary and non-.

geological time-frame:
Modern man is relatively unaware of the effect he has on the resource/environment of his 'whole-world/econiche' -that, for the seriousness of its implications to his existence, it can be viewed only in 'geological time-frame' sense -much the same as an epoch of the Cenozoic era, for example.
(-from Global Warming and Other Geological Time-frame Matters of Economic Interest)

mankind ... 'essentially burdened by spiritual and other beliefs' as opposed to 'operating more or less heuristically out of the phenomenological framework of his space'.
(-from Arms Reduction and Global Reconstruction)

hominid-being (nature of):
the fundamental 'peculiarity' of hominid-being -the wellspring of his 'god, order-of-things and creativity', is the deliberative capability that 'forces' him, by virtue of being alive and 'investing his space', into reifying successively higher orders of phenomenology out of it.
(-from The System of Human Experience)

Homo cogitans:
"A conceipt ... H cogitans distinguishes 'continuously thinking and learning man' from H sapiens, 'arrogantly knowing man'"
-see H cogitans for further discussion.

human condition (the):
a phrase generally referring to the problems inherent of circumstance or eventuality in various interpersonal or inter-association memberships (individual, neighborhood, class, people et cetera). Because of the absence of an unambiguous framework of problem encompass and resolution acceptable to all its various principals, furthermore, problems of 'the human condition' tend to be 'only locally and immediately resolvable and/or only partially so at best'.
(-from Questions and Answers -complete discussion at The Human Condition.)

human evolution -nature and course of, is identifiable as 'best well-being and viability of the organism-whole evolving out of the discovery, assimilation and heuristic incorporation (deliberative capability) of configuration space properties.
(-from A Thumbnail to The Nature and Course of Human Evolution as The Basis of Economic Policy)

human nature:
The human being ... is the only organism capable of 'intellectualizing the nature of its configuration space' -and determining, thereby, 'the very nature of itself and its existence' out of that intellectualization. ... Deliberative capability is not only 'a machine that goes by itself', in other words, but a property which works inexorably to superceding any and all human physiological or other properties. This aspect of human nature, however, has yet to be even identified in any way of human interaction so far -'the advance of science' included.
(-from Human Nature and Continuing Human Existence

idiomatics (the):
a body of generalized beliefs, thought processes and modes of confrontation and expression variously common to most peoples of the world, essentially 'what it is the nature of things to be' (especially men and women: 'You can't change human nature') or 'what they ought to be'. They include for example, the outer but universal interrelationships and expressions of 'nurturing (soft) womanhood', 'provident (strong) manhood' and the 'propriety of having children', of 'belonging' and the 'primacy of one's kind and ways' (-and their expressions of shame and insult -'saving face', machismo, 'gay pride', 'self esteem' etc), of practices in 'powers unknowable to us' and of various work and play criteria and ethics -'merit', 'worth', ownership et cetera.
(-from Kernel Properties of The Hominid Organism)

idle-mind time, idle-mind occupation and 'idle-mindness':
There is nothing 'naturally ready-and-present' to occupy 'the unoccupied mind' other than what experience has caused, precipitated or -critically, what someone-or-society may have 'deliberated' to be registrable and registered there. As essential antithesis of 'deliberate' (or even inadvertently 'captive') mental occupation, the 'idle-mind state' is the state of potential occupation 'out' of which deliberative capability operates... -even to graffiti and 'mindless vandalism'.
-see detailed discussion.

Human corporeal requirements are those, in general, of food, clothing, housing and health maintenance, and the various forms of physical and psychological institutionalization which support one's essentially static well-being, everything, that is, from 'the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services'(*2) to 'routine communion and parenting (nurturing love and attention -*a) and other civilizing influences'.
(-from The Base-Domain of Human Requirements)
see also 'broad aspects of our institutionalizations', 'subspeciation' below, and Institutionalization and 'Sustainable Resource Use'

life-style-and-quality -nature of:
it is 'the nature of life-style-and-quality' -convolutions of the hominid brain, 'connections' potential of threading ever more connections in nature, breadth and depth of configuration-space phenomenology- that it identifies and determines 'sophistication' as an ultimating criterion of human-being. Science or technology or 'art', it is this sophistication by which one hominid 'understands' the inability of another to grasp something of another aperture into the further phenomenology of matter and, essentially, supercede him. -It would be presumptuous in the highest degree to identify 'the flights into phenomenology unknown' of either Kristoff Penderecki (De Natura Sonoris) or Kurt Godel (Godel's Proof) for example, as other than manifesting the continuing evolution of hominids by supercession thru deliberative capability.
(-from Kernel Properties of The Hominid Organism)

matter -nature of:
It is 'the nature of matter' that it has 'properties', and of various of those properties that 'some matter should coalesce in some particular way as to manifest an evolving, registering system' -eventually 'evolving deliberation' for example, of 'the nature of matter'. This, roughly and no more, is the beginning phenomenology investing 'the nature and constitution of human-being', and either we subscribe such characterization -phenomenology and human-being, to the exclusion of any other or we subscribe, arbitrarily, any other to the confusion of knowledge.
(-from Introduction)

(*c) MOMENTUM - We are 'physiologically disposed' to the daily routines that characterize us, and there is therefore, very much an equally physical momentum in 'the human phenomenon and generation of things human': it is only under some system of atoms disposed to the survival and propagation of the human organism that an automobile exists and is driveable and driven. What is important here is the understatement of momentum in 'the mass of humanity and its million-and-a-half-years nature-of-evolution-driven idiomatics' -day-to-day, generation-to-generation propulsion of the human condition. 'You can't change people' and 'That's the way people are', but 'the nature and constitution of human-being' is increasingly and ultimately a matter of 'the heuristic determination of life-style-and-quality under what the system can bear'. The only question then, is to what urgency this momentum may be understood and reconstituted so as to 'meliorate various otherwise inherent disasters'.
(-from Kernel Properties of The Hominid Organism)

multistationality: (see station below)
It is only a matter of time before some 'mathematically inclined student' goes on to some 'traditional' professorship of relatively fixed regimen/hours, but some other similarly inclined and capable student opts instead for trash-collecting that 'no one wants to do', but of more or less equal pay and fewer labor/hours -and more 'free time for mathematics or other intellectual or life-style-and-quality interests' -a 'multistationality of occupation' therein.
(-from The Nature and Course of Human Evolution as The Basis of Economic Policy.)

(*4) noumenals (from 'noumenon'):
beliefs, ethics, 'preferences', cultural definitions: 'basic human rights and freedoms' etc; a god to 'contain' an unthinkable 'uncontained' (universe etc), and last but not least, questions and assertions generally posable, but axiomatically invalid to analysis or response.
(-from Godel's Proof and The Human Condition)
noumenon n. pl. -na Philosophy. 1. An object of purely intellectual intuition as opposed to an object of sensuous perception. 2. A thing-in-itself that is independent of the sensuous or intellectual perception of it. [Gk., concept < nouein, to conceive < nous, mind.] noumenal adj. (-from The American Heritage Dictionary)
(see 'phenomenon', below)

'Pecking-order (expression)' is an issue (then) because meeting 'genetic imperative and sex' is determined by how its personal facilitation -'best well-being and viability for me and my own', fits into its general facilitation for others in the hierarchic complex of what we now call civilization. Thus we 'determine' our pecking order by 'the nature and constitution' (existence and maintenance) of everything from where we 'hang our hats' (domicile and 'appointments') to what we do with our free time including the expression of 'self-esteem', and the various 'badges' that tell others of our 'independence from pecking order itself'.
(-from 'Sustainable Resource Use' and The Nature of Civilization and Government/Economy under Thus-far Human Evolution)

the factuals and factual properties of the human system: (eg) specifiable materiality of composition and product, statistical observations, biological and physical laws or rules, and even operational or 'imposed' laws insofar as (properly based upon the latter) they provide unambiguous regulation and government.
(-from Godel's Proof and The Human Condition)

is that ... of a particular system, and it is transportable if it has a representational or symbolic mapping '1-to-1 consistent and unambiguous the mapper's knowledge', that is, without hermeneutics of any kind. Phenomenology may include for example -and at all levels of abstraction, such properties as finiteness and infinity, serial-and-cross-hierarchization (in the broadest sense), state-table and 'machine that goes by itself' mechanisms, and most importantly, statisticality to qualify the probabilistic interrelationships of all elements of the system and its space with each other for intrinsic incompleteness of 'axioms'. -Phenomenology is either transportable or it is not phenomenology.
(-from The System of Human Experience)

It is the 'statistically reliable usefulness of explanation attaching a perceived phenomenon' (eg conjuring 'soul' to inhabit live bodies but not dead) that promotes progression -'knowledge, however erroneous in fine'- and it is progression in turn that operates to increase the integrity of 'knowledge'. Progression here means generally continuing evolutionary process reflecting natural-selection and pecking-order with or without apparent genetic mutation, but even as may be influenced or modified by 'heritage' of some kind -primitive tools and techniques onward into eventually civilizational advances thru technology and science.
(-from The System of Human Experience)

reificational persona
reflects ... a capacity for deliberating relationships among relationals, capacity ... for 'creating operational mechanisms abstractly relating pecking-order and other affects and thereby deliberatively influencing and promoting intrinsically hominid viability and procreation'.
(-from The System of Human Experience)

(*9) relational (noun):
a second-or-higher-order property which qualifies in a generally comparative way the relationship of a primitive or primary property common to two (or more) 'elements' of the configuration space: (eg) left-right/up-down/front-back-ness of one thing with respect to another: difference/sameness, more/less-ness, absence (vs presence) of material/body, force, color, speed, sound, taste, smell, texture, dry/wetness and, at 'higher levels of vertebrate development', temperament in 'anger', 'attention' etc.
(-from The System of Human Experience)

sophisticated : deprived of native or original simplicity: as a: highly complicated : many sided : COMPLEX ... b: WORLDLY-WISE, KNOWING 3: devoid of grossness : SUBTLE: as a: supremely cultured : finely experienced and aware b: intellectually appealing : devoid of obvious traditional or popular appeal.
-Webster's Third New International Dictionary

Every 'intended-meritable' association of humans is based upon some kind of cooperation thru which, eventually, some 'system' of hierarchic and cross-linked, complex associations further expedites 'mankinds intrinsic investment of the configuration space'. As surely as the organism has certain base-domain requirements then, each 'station' has some base-domain requirements peculiar to it be they those of cheese-makers, scientists, or aboriginal hunters, or of managerial, legislative, judicial, administrative or other such bodies -family membership and 'studentship' included. -Each station, furthermore, typically has some 'figure-of-worth' relating it to some greater situation, and a second figure-of-worth identifying how the individual serves that station.
(-from The Base-Domain of Human Requirements)

(*7) statistical probity: that quality of a statement that relates the essentially scientific probability of its factuality (there is no other) as accounting for its integrity or 'truthedness' -as for example-
"We know how to teach dogs tricks" -that is, some of us, some dogs, and some tricks -all aspects of which are unambiguously definable as opposed to such statements as 'God is great', 'Democracy is the best form of government' and 'The economy has to grow'.

statisticality - see 'phenomenology'

We are subspeciated by facts of rate-limitation(*z) and 'knowledge', culture, government, economy and 'quality of life'(*p) -'faculties', habits, limitations, 'preferences' and 'Botox' too; the deeper one's 'subspeciation', consequently, the greater his inability and ineptitude at maintaining it alone under attrition.
(-more detail at source Gross Demographic Changes Attaching Sustainable Resource Use - The Failure of 'Sustainable Resource Use' by 2040-50)

transportable - see 'phenomenology'

(*8) Validity then, is determined by what role the activity and service or commodity plays in the genetically fundamental viability of the evolutionally 'natural-selecting' and intellectually advancing life-form-whole.
Unemployment and Economic Policy
(*D - value and validity)
-Mankind's ideas of 'value' and 'class', consequently (thus-far civilization), are NOT 'evolutionally proper' criteria in 'the production distribution and consumption of goods and services' for what should be (and will inevitably become) validity of those items 'in the nature and course of human evolution'.
(-from The Nature and Course of Human Evolution as The Basis of Economic Policy)
-see also discussion and 'worth', 'validity' and 'value' in general

value -see 'validity'

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