Godel's Proof and The Human Condition - The Basic Essays

Unemployment and Economic Policy

Nothing identifies the viability of a people so much as its generation-to-generation unemployment and the life-style-and-quality of those unemployed in that to one degree or another, unemployment is either a primary drain on its economy or a primary asset in the dynamic requirements of the continuing organism-whole.

[Those impatient with the style may skip directly to Computerized Stock-trading(*n).]

It is the peculiarity of every government/economy -all thus-far society and civilization, regardless of form- that changes in how it is constituted are determined in what is a system of hierarchically 'autonomous' bodies deciding (from that 'relatively independent' position) what is 'best' for its and subordinate constituencies. This situation is, simply, one inherent -but not terminally so, the evolution of all government out of primitively ignorant, congregational pecking-order (more of which, below). -Nor is it cynical to observe that 'everyone's right to vote his ignorance' in American democracy for example, is really a vote for one's own autonomy, however manifest, and an intended 'upgrade' of that(*1). The 'civilizational sophistication' of some one or other government/economy, consequently, is, in general, a measure of the degree to which it has evolved from such essentially idiomatic and mechanical consideration and operation to such as is based upon 'the nature and course of hominid evolution' as progressively and heuristically determined out of the continuing evolution of hard science.

What this means is that-
1 - The people of the world have thus far constituted a system of crude autonomies each of which operates -society and civilization evolving, like 'a new organism on the block diasporating and bumbling its way into a progressive investment of the closed-earth configuration-space-system-as-a-whole'.

2 - It is virtually unknown to 'decision-making autonomy' and only esoterically known in the population whole that 'an eventually more meaningful nature and course of hominid evolution and life-style-and-quality is critically dependent upon the nature of ongoing diasporation and its thus-far essentially haphazard investment'.
Given this situation, the title of this essay, Unemployment and Economic Policy, is very nearly arbitrary in that it might as equivalently comprise any pair of government/economy-related phrases. The fact is that all societal and civilizational problems today are dynamically interrelated -but exacerbatingly continuing because of ambiguities and inconsistencies in the language and thought processes underlying and constituting their existence and, consequently, their intended resolution. Consider the 'relative futility' of discussing the 'democratic rights' underlying the following rhetoricals, all of which are significant vectors in 'unemployment and economic policy'-

  • How does Walt Disney's Quasimodo suggest a child's more 'sophisticatedly realistic' -eventually adult, understanding of society and civilization? (-'Pocahontas' anyone?)
  • How does 'the Afro-American idiom and experience' NOT keep Blacks mired in it? -to the consternation, amusement and sometime 'enhancement' of White life-style-and-quality.
    [Appendixed is a brief, Afro-American-centered discussion of 'shortcomings in American multiculturalism'.]
  • Regarding Microsoft's Bill Gates, how is his $18 billion 'worth' UNRELATED to the national deficit? -and what does that 'right to spend it as he sees fit' have to do with spending it in some way 'fitting the nature and course of hominid evolution'? -regarding, further, what consequences he leaves to future generations? -in some way NOT indenturing of some elemental segment of society?(*2)
  • The 'holocaust' not withstanding (no lessons learned, apparently), how does the Hague tribunal NOT bring the UN and NATO to trial -along with Karadzic and Mladic, for having effectively channeled the massacre (alleged) of 7,000 Muslims at Srebrenica by non-interdiction? (-100,000 Hutu's, Tutsi's et cetera anyone?)
These and other 'esoteric conundrums' are neither rhetorical nor trivial. Regardless of arguments on 'arguments founding this country', the fact is that government and economic policy thruout the world is inherently inclined to operate in such hierarchically autocratic mode because such pecking-ordered rationale is only as far as society and civilization have thus-far evolved in 'the nature and course of hominid evolution' -which, rule-of-thumb, the 'lessers' do not understand and (latter thereof) the 'bessern' do not care (-see Pecking Order ... Government and Economic Policy)

This essay then, addresses questions that economists themselves are increasingly asking: 'Are we solving the right problems? Are we using the right variables? -the right criteria?' More specifically, 'What is the validity of the substance/material and rationale of economics today?'.

This essay answers these questions thru a formal development of 'validity', which makes it possible, further, thru 'computerized stock-trading', to see validity becoming 'the properly sole and inevitable criterion governing unemployment and economic policy'. The analysis is formal in that it uses only the anthropology of that 'nature and course' and what is otherwise purely scientific in relation to lead to 'that matter of validity' by developing discrete sets of properties, 'beliefs' and situations out of what is, most broadly, 'the human phenomenon and things human'.

Modern economy is a complex of variously cross-linked, but essentially hierarchic, 'food-chain' occupations. Wards-of-the-state and unemployables for example, having no occupation except that of the 'idle mind' (more of which below), might be seen as lying on the bottom, unskilled labor above that, financial, legislative and judiciary bodies floating at the top, and all other occupation, growing-up and studenting included, swimming somewhere between. Employment, more specifically then, is 'what one does to earn his keep' or 'justifying his existence', the essentially money-based mental or physical activity associated with one's sustenance (legal or illegal) and 'organism continuity', and 'what one may not need if so privileged by the system'. By this definition, all occupation -or the absence of it, has an attachable 'figure of social acceptance' which depends upon the 'idiomatics'(*3) of the constituency and the factionalisms developing from them to constitute the government/economy -a 'figure of acceptance' for occupation however, that may be 'pejorative to the viability and well-being of the organism-whole'. Computerized stock-trading, certain non-value-adding middlemanships and even the housekeeping of the relatively 'unoccupied' apostate, neurasthenic or drugged-out live-in, consequently, all have such figures that vary with the circumstances of their evaluation -the ambiguities and inconsistencies in our thinking, language and beliefs.

Of special concern here is the etiology of those underlying beliefs and manifest factionalisms, and of the nature and course of human progression in particular as a major factor lying well outside traditional consideration. The economics discussed here, consequently, develops out of hominid evolutionary properties as opposed to 'traditional theorization in how an economy should operate' based on noumenalisms(*4) -out of, essentially, the 'pecking-order and survival-of-the-fittest' mechanisms of classical, 'primitive' aristocracy.

Economics is generally defined as 'the science that deals with the production, distribution and consumption of commodities' -based however, upon essentially general (and circumstantial) evolutionary mechanics (pecking-order et cetera) and diasporation into resource/environments of various potentials -of as many 'operating rationales and constitutions', therefore, as 'goods and services'. The etiology of all 'thus-far-sapiens' economies however, identifies an inevitably different constitution determined by 'the nature and course of hominid evolution'(*1), one, that is, assimilating dependence of 'optimal viability and life-style-and-quality for the organism-whole on its capabilty (deliberative) for heuristically manipulating that dependence to the exclusion of noumenalisms -a heuristically determined function of 'what population of what life-style-and-quality the system can bear'.
... Humans generally supercede each other not by 'reinventing the wheel' or by arbitrarily adopting the idlemind-occupation of others, but by assimilating routine mechanisms of viability and, more specifically, by learning, optimizing and exploring-for (oftentimes unknowingly) other 'viability-advancing properties of econiche constituency' -essentially increasing knowledge... The greater the assimilation of the phenomenology, the greater the configuration space entering both viability and life-style-and-quality.
(-from Kernel Properties of The Hominid Organism)
There are two high-order aspects critical to this 'evolution': (a) the 'validity' of goods and services and, therein, of their 'production, distribution and consumption' and (b) the effect of 'drone/burden' unemployment on the resource/environment in consumption of that. The economics of all thus-far societies and governments in this respect, is of essentially primitive construct -their 'persona's largely 'still-pecking-order-based' and 'survival of the fittest'(*5). The problem then, is one of finding a mechanism whereby one can evaluate 'validity in the nature and course of human evolution' and then -'intrinsic of deliberative capability', identify what unemployed population exists 'in excess of dynamically proper, potential employment'.
-Following is a discussion of various elements in the ontogeny of government/economy and employment today.


The general definition of occupation includes both one's means of employment -'earning his keep', and his more or less complementary 'life-style-and-quality'. It is thru this aperture that a further, more critical distinction can be made towards a phenomenological 'constitution of economy' of interest here.

The evolution of 'an eventually reificational hominid' is characterizable thru a number of ostensibly discrete and ordered, but actually inseparable properties. These properties qualify that evolution as supercessional -and measurable in effect, in 'the degree to which their re-entrant understanding is manifest'. Thus, at every level of human evolution (eg 'Lucy' forward), one hominid 'avails' himself of another (and the resource/environment) in a way that 'generally advances its organism viability and intrinsic space investment', in a way that depends, consequently, upon the evolved and evolving physiology and sophistication of both the individual and the organism-whole:

1 - There is a base-domain of resource/environment/'phenomeknowledge' and labor genetically fundamental to organism viability(*6 -elaborated in The Base-domain of Human Requirements).

2 - Primitive occupation in deficit of that employment is pejorative to that organism (viability) and therefore conducive to its supercession by another same or other organism (next).

3 - (definition) Occupation in excess of that basic employment is 'life-style-and-quality' (next) -manifest of incipient and evolving cerebration.

4 - Primitive life-style-and-quality (expression) is a measure of 'facility/capability for investing the econiche system to organism viability advantage' -essentially as 'knowledge' out of pecking-order, 'ease of sustenance' et cetera.

5 - 'Reificational investment' (on the other hand) either 'fails' phenomenologically-sound understanding(*7) and is therefore 'of essentially noumenal influence' on viability, or it assimilates that transportable knowledge into further enabling organism-whole viability and evolution (eg Lucy-to-sapiens progression).

6 - 'Occupation in excess of basic employment' therefore, is life-style-and-quality partitionable as either -but not both-

a) intrinsic 'the nature and course of hominid evolution', or-
b) primitively and inherently 'circumstantial' -and perhaps noumenal, within it.
The 're-entrant' weights of these properties change in a way more or less common to the evolution of all peoples -eventually society and government. Item 1 for example, has implicit a limit to the number of people that can inhabit a closed-earth (fixed resource/environment) system; item 2 identifies primitive 'survival of the fittest' dynamics, and 3, the evolution of 'simple cerebration' into reification with its potential for 'relational' thinking (abstract, however primitive) as 'of distinct viability and evolutionary advantage'. Items 4 and 5 then, identify consequences and implications of evolving reification -'idlemind-time' primitively, but deliberative impetus in particular for considering 'how the world turns', a primitive form of employment which generally advances viability and intrinsic configuration-space investment thru 'the discovery of phenomenology'. 6, notably, identifies the assignability of phenomenologically-based 'value' to all human occupation-and-commodity: (i.e. manifesting) employment, unemployment, unemployability, disport, sleep, convalescence, coma, vandalism(*8) -and (yes!) stock-trading (below).

The degree to which these properties are assimilated then, is a measure of the civilizational sophistication of a people and, therein -more than the form of its government/economy, a measure of the 'propriety' and validity of its operational demeanor and laws in service of the organism-whole. Thus (primitively) 'one avails himself of another to do his work for him' primarily to further his 'pecking-ordered, survival-of-the-fittest primacy' -and hierarchic government/economy follows that- whereas aristocratizing man(*9), on the other hand, 'avails himself of another in service of the organism-whole'.

In effect, the criteria thru which virtually all autonomy is ... manifest (traditional economy), has been 'wrong' with respect to intrinsic aristocratization where there is no such thing as a 'right' way to run an economy -call it democracy, meritocracy or any other noumenalism. The idea of 'certain natural freedoms' -that 'One has the right to earn as much as he can and spend it in any way he choose' for example, even within constraints of arbitrarily any relatively fixed form of government, is based entirely upon precedents of an evolving mankind diasporating into an uninhabited resource/environment -comparatively primitive, a situation no longer 'unqualifiedly true' for a mankind whose increasing idlemind-time [evolution-intrinsic] is occupied not by classical pecking-ordered mechanisms but by the nature of that occupation and 'what the system can bear'. (-from Economics and The Human Condition)


The difficulty in developing the above into 'an economy' is that of assessing 'value' -but value depends upon 'sophistication'(*a). What we do know however, is that every constituent of modern economy has fundamental requirements in food, clothing, health, education, housing, furnishings and disport for himself and his dependents -couched, of course, in an 'appropriate' life-style-and-quality. All but 'the most civilizationally sophisticated' then, have certain common principles regarding how those requirements fit into their employment and potential for it; they 'think' ('believe' if one prefers)-
1 - Employment should be secure of wage, life-style-and-quality and opportunity in a way 'commensurate with one's knowledge of the government/economy and his position in it'(*b).

-and in the failing or absence of that employment 'due to circumstances beyond his control'-
2 - There should be support of such life-style-and-quality for some similarly determined period of time during which one may either find such employment or acquire skills or education into it.

-and this failing for 'absence or de/evolution of such employment'-
3 - Other such employment should be 'created' (typically by government agency) during which time life-style-and-quality should continue to be supported.
These principles of 'thus-far sapiens' are more or less everywhere accepted, but without respect to 'validity', thus what the constituent 'thinks he knows' about the government and the economy and where that should be going is determined primarily by what is 'meaningful to him and his own' -and something of 'a perceived momentum assumed properly continuing and upgrading that' -goods and services, life-style-and-quality and the employment that 'earns' them. He does not see the whole as largely inherited out of circumstance and idlemind-occupation (below) -that what he really knows about the system is measurable only in the degree to which his assimilation of such as the above six evolutionary properties is manifest. These 'common principles of employment', consequently, have little merit where the 'real value's of goods and services are determined, literally, by their roles in 'the nature and course of continuing human progresssion'. Thus-

Intrinsic of vertebrate genetics and generally promotive of organism-whole evolution -warm-blooded in particular , is that 'feeling good physically' translates into 'natural-selection (physical) well-being'. The single, most important characteristic/property identifying hominid 'nature and course' then, is 'increasing organism-whole life-style-and-quality (Property 6a, in particular) out of decreasing (physical) labor genetically fundamental to organism-whole viability' (Property 1), and it is 'optimizing' this particular evolution that determines the 'validity' of goods and services and, therein, of their 'production, distribution and consumption' -that constitutes in effect, an ultimately only one possible and proper economic criterion.


Primitive man had little 'analysis' to exercise, but the primitive that first 'venerated and kept the flame' intuited a 'fire spirit' and had some integrable explanation for fire where others did not -precipitated the first hierarchy thru which (nature of evolution) the hominid-organism-whole evolves by 'investing its configuration-space'. -It is that statistical validity generally improving out of error that advances human-organism-whole viability and life-style-and-quality(*c).

Properties 3, 4 and 5 above identify a 'primitive idlemind-time' out of which successive space-investment becomes the knowledge and tools furthering viability -the 'conjuration' of phenomenological substance into the life-style-and-quality and eventually even the 'artistic' substance intrinsic of hominid aristocratization. This whole of human activity, 'labor' included, is first-order partitionable into four significantly different modes of mental and physical occupation thru which the validity of any commodity or activity may then be determined: (a) organism-sustenance-related, (b) 'intellectual', (c) 'life-style-and-quality manifesting' and (d) 'idle-minded'.

ORGANISM-SUSTENANCE-RELATED occupation (OSR) is generally identifiable as activity more or less directly connected with the sustenance of oneself and his dependents -'routine' operation or decision-making of an essentially physical nature, in general, in the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services -food, clothing, health, education, housing, furnishings or disport as entailed by 'basic, routine life'. Validity then, is determined by what role the activity and service or commodity plays in the genetically fundamental viability of the evolutionally 'natural-selecting' and intellectually advancing life-form-whole. That a man's occupation is taxi-driving, for example, is sustenance-related (his) however 'elemental' that taxi-driving relationship with 'the nature and course of human progression' (more of which below); that his cab is in some way 'excessive' of its fundamental purpose of transportation on the other hand, may or may not be 'sustenance-related', and may well have aspects of 'cost effectiveness' about it entering its 'item validity'(*d). The machinist, manual laborer, bank officer, surgeon, employment-seeker and even the thief, for further examples, are all OSR-employed as are also the professional football-player, musician and 'arts (any) critic' -the latter group because 'mental and physical well-being' ('life-style-and-quality', below) is an inherent consequence of human genetic imperative. Validity then, depends ultimately and critically upon occupation-item-role in organism-whole progression(*e), upon what we 'know' about the OSR activity of the at-hand principal of interest and of his life-style-and-quality in relation to that.

OSR occupation then, also identifies something of an individual's 'basic cost-of-living' (momently) in what is 'an evolving government/economy of the organism-whole'. There is for every still-diasporating government/economy therefore(*6), a poverty-level below which some non-self-sustaining 'drone/burden' (for want of a better word) is 'maintained' by some self-sustaining constituency above. What this identifies to one degree or another ('validity' considered by neither group) is some overpopulation unemployed and superfluous to employment in the commonest sense, but employed, nevertheless and effectively, in 'procreation and consumption' -a primary drain on the economy and the 'configuration space', and 'pejorative, consequently, to the well-being of the organism-whole' (more of which below):

It is neither 'mentally' nor physiologically possible for science and technology, government or any other agency or combination to generate, arbitrarily, either employment or 'idlemind occupation' -especially 'meritable', for everyone in overpopulation of what actual labor is required to sustain him.
(-from Arms Reduction and Global Reconstruction, *f)
-'excessive' and essentially unvalidatable unemployment, consequently -and its effects on the resource/environment, is a given under 'unjustifiable' (over)population.

'INTELLECTUAL' occupation, like that aspect of 'organism-sustenance related', is also 'what one does to earn his keep', but in a non-routine, space-investing way 'creative' or investigative of some new, facilitational or sometimes esoteric activity affecting organism sustenance or life-style-and-quality (next). Activity here varies from what is unambiguously identifiable (phenomenologically-based terms -*g), to what is (thus-far-sapiens) ostensibly noumenal, but nevertheless still qualifiable in those such terms. Validity, consequently, depends critically upon the sophistication of the evaluating principal and the constituency to which he relates the subject intellectual activity. The following occupations indicate something of the hierarchy inherent 'intellectual occupation and validity'.

  • Medical research, theoretical mathematics or physics -and 'the course of human evolution and progression' based on that, and 'non-hermeneutic learning' in general
  • Bridge or commercial product 'conceptualization and design' in general (-development is OSR, above), everything from 'a better hypodermic needle' to 'Whatever makes money, works' (-subject to 'democratic regulation', *h).
  • Clinical psychiatry, economic theorization, legislation generation and (yes!) the management of a corporation.
  • Liberal arts and art-world activity in general, everything from conceptualization, design and development to support of that -raising money, legislation et cetera- and 'critique of the whole, critique itself included'.
  • Philosophy in general, 'policy' formulation et cetera, and the hermeneutics of 'experience new-to-the-organism' in particular.
-evaluating 'intellectual item' validity depending entirely upon what one understands about (and for which see) The Nature and Course of Human Evolution as The Basis of Economic Policy.

LIFE-STYLE-AND-QUALITY (manifesting) is 'what one does or avails himself and his dependents of (the 'surrounds') when NOT earning his keep' -when he is effectively 'consuming' (as opposed to 'processing') the food, clothing, health, education, housing, furnishings, disport et cetera that (typically) locate and identify him in society(*i). Thus, for example, one needs the living quarters, transportation and LSQ elements that sustain the mental and physical well-being and functional capability necessary or promotive to his occupation (OSR or intellectual)(*j), and the growing child needs the education and the rock-climbing and horse-play that are the 'discovery' without which mankind could not have so evolved and is not likely to progress. -Nor for that matter is one's 'puttering-around' or his hobby to be disconsidered; the problem is one of 'validity' and therefore of excesses -'sophistication' the key(*k).

[The relationship between 'intellectual' and 'life-style-and-quality' (LSQ) occupations is especially important in that much of scientific and technological advance is directed into the design and development of goods and services (OSR production and distribution following that) 'enriching' LSQ -'intellectual' American free-enterprise in particular, promoting a pecking-order-based (primitive) consumption more or less without respect to 'what the system can bear' -where validity, if it comes up at all, is 'a happy coincidence'.]

IDLEMIND-OCCUPATION exists as 'the generally primitive and pejorative-to-society activity that one defaults to (genetic imperative) in the absence of physical or mental capabilities and/or circumstances required for productive activity' (above) -a situation in which one has 'nothing to do', and of one, typically, that society has 'nothing better to do with' due (again typically) to social and economic conditions in religion, ethnicity, 'relative overpopulation' et cetera that reflect 'the only thus-far evolution of aristocratizing mankind'. -It is the 'occupation' of the primitive mind.

[Primitive and early man had little idlemind-time taken up as all time was either by just trying to stay alive or recovering from that -largely a matter of where one stood in 'the pecking-order of things'. But one has only to observe someone with 'nothing to do' -clinically, to understand the importance of 'meritable experience' in life-style-and-quality... In the absence of viability-related or motivating circumstances, the idle mind is occupied either 'best as can out of experience' or it defaults: the 'financially able to indulge themselves' do so, for example, and the destitute or unemployable beg, steal, vandalize, drink or drug-out. It is the 'how' and 'by what' of that occupation that is a major factor in the human condition(*l). -from Kernel Properties of the Hominid Organism.]

The interrelationships and manifest 'weights' of these modes of occupation identify the 'civilizational sophistication' of a people as a dynamic function of its valid life-style-and-quality and its essentially 'drone/burden idlemind-occupation'. It is an evolving situation in which, as science and technology generate 'knowledge applicable in the inevitable course of human progression', 'primitive idlemind-time' precipitates naturally out of the correspondingly decreased OSR-occupation required to sustain the organism. That 'momentary' time, in turn, goes into LSQ occupation of such facilities and capabilities as exist, the individual is aware of and may or may not have access at the time -'idlemindedness', in other words, is 'a machine that goes by itself' and the individual either has or has not 'some place to go for the mental and physical well-being consonant of his aristocratizing organism-whole'. 'Thus-far-sapiens economics' however, are such that the more science-and-technology advances -idlemind-time increasing and an absence of 'meritable occupation', the more 'intellectual' time is spent devising ways to occupy that idlemind-time -fostering consumerism, in effect, more or less without respect to either organism viability or validity(*m).

The validity of a commodity then, can be determined only thru succeedingly definitive relationship between it and 'the nature and course of hominid evolution':
  • There is an initial 'first-order validity' which relates every commodity to organism viability with completely specifiable phenomenology.
    -and, re-entrantly-
  • The validity of every commodity with respect to others in that dynamic viabilty (labor and 'thinking' also commodities) is statistical and determinable only thru heuristic process.
-Clearly, knowing when to 'stop' is a matter of sophistication -nowhere 'a matter of opinion'. Mankind eventually no-longer-diasporating, the 'nature and course of hominid evolution' suggests eventual 'drone/burden overpopulation, citadel/aristocracy and generally ignorant consumerism precipitating a certain Breakdown of society and civilization' before understanding these mechanics. It is then, only a matter of time thereafter before a general de-population sets in giving way to inevitable aristocratization, a constituency of significantly different knowledge, validity, viability and life-style-and-quality stabilizing into 'what the system can bear'.



A 'stock market' was born when some first, probably late-neolithic man accepted a second's stated expectancy to deliver some particular 'stock item or service easing sustenance' at some agreed-upon, future time -essentially 'improving life-style-and-quality by reducing the physical labor of each'. If now, evolvingly, that first 'middleman' advanced the second something 'valuable' in the way of use or assistance (money eventually), he may be said to have 'invested' in that first expectancy towards that autonomy. Second and higher-order expectancies eventually developing with such 'investment of his space by mankind', a stock market, the mechanics for trading and managing such operation in earliest (eg Sumerian) civilization (nepotism and intermarriage included) eventually came to constitute the government/economy we associate with civilization today -stock-trading eventually a hierarchy of speculation including that of 'speculation itself': call, long, short et cetera -derivatives ('betting' on the outcomes of 'betting') encompassing all.

(*o) Purpose in 'earning one's keep' by computerized stock-trading is, quite simply, minimizing one's sustenance-related activity with the more 'esoteric' purpose of maximizing autonomy of life-style-and-quality -'having whatever time and money necessary to do what one feels like doing when he feels like doing it' -necessarily, therein, as little 'work' (clearly undesirable) possible. Whatever (stock) makes money, consequently, 'works', regardless of validity -'substance' irrelevant. Computerized stock-trading, in effect, is 'the highest form of classically aristocratic -and primitive, freeloading' -sucking on the system, but 'What the system, ultimately and only a matter of time, will not bear'. -And worse, this freeloader will do anything within law constraints (not uncommonly 'without') to secure and 'advance' that modus operandi/vivendi.
[Economists (and stockholders) will argue that the stock mechanism is 'good' for the economy, but the problem with this typical pronouncement is that its support is based more on very personal lifestyle-and-quality (occupation) than on validity (intellectual).]

This 'doing what comes naturally' is, of course, the real subject of this essay, and the fact is that that has been the overwhelmingly primary operational mode of only-thus-far-evolved Homo sapiens:

In effect, the criterion by which virtually all autonomy has 'hominid-being' governed -traditional economy if one prefers- has been 'wrong' with respect to intrinsic aristocratization where there is no such thing as a 'right' way to run an economy, call it democracy, meritocracy or any other noumenalism. The idea of 'certain natural freedoms' -that 'One has the right to earn as much as he can and spend it in any way he choose' for example, even within constraints of arbitrarily any relatively fixed form of government, is based entirely upon precedents of an evolving mankind diasporating into an uninhabited resource/environment -comparatively primitive, a situation no longer 'unqualifiedly true' for a mankind whose idlemind-time is increasingly occupied -intrinsically, not by classical pecking-ordered mechanisms but by the nature of that occupation and 'what the system can bear'. (-from Economics and The Human Condition -Economics note 2)
-only a matter of time, eventually and inevitably then, before the drone/burden stocktrader will be 'done without'.

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First posted: May 20, 1996; Last modified: July 25, 2005

*1 - 'Balancing the needs of one group against those of another' is one of the putative underpinnings of democracy. Everyone having 'the right to vote his ignorance' without respect to the 'etiology of values' however, it is the peculiarity of democracy that it also reflects the archetypical interrelationships of all government autonomies of the world -not a 'formally intelligenced' intergovernment relationship so much as 'one still evolving in the nature and course of hominid evolution'. Democracy is driven, in fact, by economics under preoccupation with still-primitive life-style-and-quality, by 'classically-aristocratic movers and shakers, celebs' et cetera in whatever 'success-breeding capacity' (their own) manipulation of the 'democratic right to vote' and its government/economy makes possible. (This argument is further developed in Evolution, Autonomy and Aristocratization - Economics Note 1.)
*2 - Regarding Bill Gates $18 billion (Los Angeles Times July 1, 1996)-
.... Bill Gates and that much money constitute a huge (for lack of a better phrase) source of power and influence outside of any kind of containment. The rich are different from us - i.e. in terms of what they can (I need to use this word) capriciously do to us. I am not in favor of letting Bill keep his money. Wealth at that level has buoyed him above the system. It is our loss. More later, I need another beer. -From 'Babes in Toyland' by John Schnell

*3 - 'the idiomatics': a body of generalized beliefs, thought processes and modes of confrontation and expression variously common to most peoples of the world, essentially 'what it is the nature of things to be' (especially men and omen: 'You can't change human nature') or 'what they ought to be'. They include for example, the outer but universal interrelationships and expressions of 'nurturing (soft) womanhood', 'provident (strong) manhood' and the 'propriety of having children', of 'belonging' and the 'primacy of one's kind and ways' (-and their expressions of shame and insult -'saving face', machismo, 'gay pride', 'self esteem' etc), of practices in 'powers unknowable to us' and of various work and play criteria and ethics -'merit', 'worth', ownership et cetera. (-from Kernel Properties of The Hominid Organism)
*4 - noumenals (from 'noumenon'): beliefs, ethics, 'preferences', cultural definitions: 'basic human rights and freedoms' etc; a god to 'contain' an unthinkable 'uncontained' (universe etc), and last but not least, questions and assertions generally posable, but axiomatically invalid to analysis or response. (-from Godel's Proof and The Human Condition)
*5 - Pecking-order, in other words, identifies the single and only basis of 'the first order imposed' -of primitive government, in effect ... thus it is only as mankind comes to actually understand that 'nature and course' that perhaps 'some other and better basis of human-being' will surface. (-from Pecking Order, Competition and Institution - Government and Economic Policy)
*6 - 'base-domain - the habitat and the knowledge and capabilities for operating within it that we associate with vertebrates in general as fundamentally critical in an evolutionary procreative way. -See The Base Domain of Human Requirements.
*7 - regarding reification in general-
... Human-being 'state-tables' differ only thru similarly specific consequences of genome specific-gene constitution, subtle functions and interrelationships of which it may be added, may never be known. -It is really no more than an exercise to parlay evolution of 'response to stimulus' beyond 'a sense of relationals' into a 'dimensionality of relationals' and the reificational persona that has, for the moment at least, out-paced our understanding of that evolution. The fundamental 'peculiarity' of hominid-being -the wellspring of his 'god, order-of-things and creativity', is the deliberative capability that 'forces' him, by virtue of being alive and 'investing his space', into reifying successively higher orders of phenomenology out of it. Artistic, mathematical or 'animal' and implicit a 'system of human experience', these conceptualizations are -all, constituted solely in, of and as phenomenology of the configuration space. (-from
The System of Human Experience.)
*8 - A commodity is anything of subjective or potentially subjective awareness and (therein) of 'resource/environment consumption' and 'organism-sustenance-related'. -Sleep and convalescence qualify, as does 'servicing the comatose', but coma itself does not; vandalism then -if anything, qualifies as negative commodity or of negative validity.
*9 - aristocratization - The supercessions of mankind -one genus or strain of hominids by another, false starts and dead branches included, is characterizable as an 'aristocratization' in that each such hominid is 'increasing-potentially capable of manifesting a more phenomenologically knowledgeable viability and idlemind-occupation' ... -a more sophisticated life-style-and-quality... (-from Kernel Properties of The Hominid Organism)
the evolutionary process by which ... mankind's speciation and continuing progression has generally been manifest as successively higher-orders of deliberative capability -essentially of 'increasing phenomenology and decreasing noumenalism'. (-from Arms Reduction and Global Reconstruction)
*a - The ... problem has to do with the issue of 'value' or 'merit'... Economists duck the issue by saying that the value is totally subjective -- each human decides for herself what the value of something is, and the magic of free market turns that valuation into money, production, activity, whatever, in the most efficient way. The implications are vast -- for example the effect of education on how a person judges her own life-style-and-quality, and the value (there's that word again) she is able to extract from a given set of resources, is only superficially considered in economics. (I haven't even scratched the surface here.) (-from Babes in Toyland by John Schnell)
*b - One may argue against such generalization about employment and prospects for it (conservatives primarily, but liberals included), but our 'civilizational sophistication' is still so primitive (pecking order et cetera) that even those disavowing this first principle are party to it, thus even the 'self-made' man secures "wage, life-style-and-quality and opportunity commensurate his knowledge and position" -by 'availing himself of another', typically -'pecking-ordered, survival-of-the-fittest'.
*c - It is the 'statistically reliable usefulness of explanation attaching a perceived phenomenon' (eg conjuring 'soul' to inhabit live bodies but not dead) that promotes progression -'knowledge, however erroneous in fine'- and it is progression in turn that operates to increase the integrity of 'knowledge' ... generally continuing evolutionary process reflecting natural-selection and pecking-order... (-from The System of Human Experience)
*d - The manufacture of some 'extravagantly designed lamp' has the validity of potential light, but the continuing manufacture of lamp 'extravagance' has nothing to do with validity except perhaps as 'cost-effective and of little consequence to the resource/environment'..
*e - It is 'the nature of life-style-and-quality' -convolutions of the hominid brain, 'connections' potential of threading ever more connections in nature, breadth and depth of the phenomenology of the configuration space- that identifies and determines 'sophistication' as an ultimating criterion of human-being; science or technology or 'art', it is this sophistication by which one hominid 'understands' the inability of another to grasp something of another aperture into the further phenomenology of matter and, essentially, supercede him. -It would be presumptuous in the highest degree to identify 'the flights into phenomenology unknown' of either Kristoff Penderecki (De Natura Sonoris) or Kurt Godel (Godel's Proof) for example, as other than manifesting the continuing evolution of hominids by supercession thru deliberative capability. (-from Kernel Properties of The Hominid Organism)
*f - The truth and implications of this statement are extremely 'unwanting of grasp', but 'the substance of deliberative capability investing its space' -'enduring art', and science and mathematics of essentially supercessional consequence- is the operational domain of 'the cutting-edge few' who effectively require the life-sustaining support of 'lessers' dependent, in turn, upon that cutting edge -the whole, the nature of evolution. What, then, is the probability (expectancy?) of 'generating employment (-especially meritable) for everyone in overpopulation of what actual labor is required to sustain him'? -employment premised only upon everyone (unborn?) having 'the right to live'?
*g - forensic integrity - essential consistency and nonambiguity in communication (oral or written), and therefore essential reliance upon rigorously qualified definitions and consistent use of language-and-words to the exclusion of 'noumena'.(-from Introduction)
This material is discussed further in The Matter of Forensic Integrity)
*h - regarding 'American free-enterprise capitalist democracy'-
capitalism n. 1. An economic system, characterized by open competition in a free market, in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned and development is proportionate to increasing accumulation and reinvestment of profits. (-The American Heritage Dictionary)
-Thus 'making as much money as one can' is -per se, at least without first-order validity.

*i - regarding 'commodities that locate and identify one in society'-
It is a single, evolving system -hierarchic and cross-linked, of variously functional individuals and stations of individuals ... in which requirements for each individual and each station depend upon both its resource/environment and its functional role in that system of next-level stations and government/economies... One need only consider in this respect, the widely varying requirements of aboriginal or nomadic communities (and of stations within them) as compared with those of relatively self-sustaining agrarian communities or prison townships (eg Angola, Louisiana) or (larger framework still) with those of potentially self-sustaining nations of the First and even Second World where 'institutionalized Barbie-Doll requirements' are of seriously questionable resource/environment utilization and validity in that respect.(-from
The Base-domain of Human Requirements)
*j - Minimizing life-sustaining labor is intrinsic of prohominids and all vertebrates in general, a property 'evolvingly sentient' as in the eventual life-style-and-quality of modern man in particular. The etiology of this is developed in The System of Human Experience)
*k - excesses -especially American-
The Old Hidden-call Trick - A team of Little Leaguers showed up early for a game at a Southland park and headed toward their assigned dugout on the third base side. But it already was occupied -by the pitcher from the opposing team. The 10-year old refused to move, explaining it was his lucky dugout; he never lost when he sat on that side, etc. etc. Finally, the players carried his equipment over to the other dugout, hoping he would follow. Instead, they were shocked to see him reach into his pants and pull out a shiny, black object. A cellular phone. He called Dad, whose Mercedes soon could be seen bouncing over the grass toward the field. The father launched into a tirade at the other team's manager but eventually agreed to move his little hurler... (-from The Los Angeles Times, April 4, 1996)

-see also footnote *e, above.
*l - 'Asked why the suspects had gone on the paintball and car-bashing rampage, Flores told Kriegler "Basically, we had nothing to do." The videotape [by one of the partcipants] documents the foursome breaking into peals of laughter--first as they bashed seven cars with metal bats, and later as they fired orange paintballs at eight pedestrians, two bicyclists, a man sitting on a bench and a homeless woman pushing a shopping cart.' (-Los Angeles Times June 1, 1996)
*m - Substantiating this, for example -here in what is 'an air of sophistication', 'cool' et cetera- there is a universal 'creativity' and adoption of 'new fads, the sophistication of which is unknown' -anything from spun-around baseball caps to Game Boys. (See also Afro-American Idiom, Experience and Unemployment.)