Godel's Proof and The Human Condition - The Basic Essays

Heuristic Government and Economic Policy

Part 4 of The Nature and Course of Human Evolution as The Basis of Economic Policy

Appendix - On Secular Humanism and 'How Deliberative Capability Works'(*e)

'Feeding the world's poor' does not address the consequences of population growth exceeding that capability and the affects of such attempts upon the ecological dynamics of the whole -that such 'good intention' may be 'emotional' and have no 'life-form merit' -no justification at all.

The general situation regarding the 'foreseeable' future of man on the planet -'viability, well-being, 2005-forward'- is that because it is 'a world democracy of ignorantly autonomous peoples and nations in primarily still-diasporative mode of econiche/earth invasion', there is a certainty of at least continuing, widespread and very likely increasing poverty, disease and warfare resulting from continuing, widespread and irrecoverable resource/environment degradation thru at least 2040-50. What is not foreseeable is the degree to which that situation may be 'meliorated' by how scientists evolving intellectually during that period may come to impose the 'dirigiste heurism' of government that is inevitable in any case.


The material of preceding Parts 1 thru 3 and related essays is primarily developmental in nature, and leads, more or less unerringly, into 'the inevitability of dirigiste heurism'. The material of this section is based upon upon that development, but is, here, more or less explicitly directive in the sense that it addresses the actual substance of that 'inevitable dirigiste heurism':
We know how we've become what we are; we know how we 'abuse the resource/environment to continuing regret', but we also know that we will successively 'contain' such abuse to some 'geological time-frame best well-being and viability of the organism', so how, exactly, do we begin and go about this 'inevitable optimization by dirigiste heurism'?
Following more or less progressively below are two very short subsections and a slightly longer one leading to the main (and also short) fourth of 'various specific directives' per the title of this Part 4 -clearly, this writer's own, 'best starting heuristics':

*9 -

A Recap: The Etiology of thus-far 'Existentialism'

existentialism, in this writer's view, is not so much 'a complex, philosophical ideation' as a reification of 'the circumstantial, merely cerebrative modus vivendi of thus-far humankind', thus -reductively, it is the here-and-now-ness of what life routinely and briefly appears to be -here-and-now-ness of 'me and mine' existence and welfare and NOT some 'nature and course of human evolution and progression' -nothing deep -'the human condition'.
(-from Gross Demographic Changes Attaching Sustainable Resource Use (or) The Failure of 'Sustainable Resource Use' by 2040-50)
1 - Human existence is still fundamentally diasporative in mode and pecking-order-based -'lifestyle and the quality of life' manifest and advancing, so far, primarily thru 'cheap labor proliferating out of cheap natural resources'.

2 - The evolution of 'medium-of-exchange' money is a direct consequence of 'physically human limitations' and our successively evolved capabilities regarding 'the creation of goods and services and the advantages of bankable (repository) trading between commodities' -and further still then, of 'doing the least work necessary'.

3 - 'Wealth' then, has had 'keeping itself good' inherent by extending 'pecking-order-based physical power' -a commodity itself, into intellectual power to 'keep it so' -government therein, and governmental power and stability for the continuing evolution and exchange of goods and services, and essentially personal wealth.

4 - Under thus-far 'natural diasporation' then (unless 'otherwise directed'), as long as 'cheap natural resources and proliferating labor' obtain, people will continue to try to amass wealth for pecking-order-based expression' -'economic growth' therein.

5 - Unless otherwise accommodated then, the stability of 'government keeping money good by (such) economic growth' -ALL GOVERNMENT THUS-FAR, depends critically upon the 'absolute continuity of cheap natural resources (example) and proliferating labor' (discussion).


'Variously Unaddressable' Initial Problems

Identified here are strongly institutionalized situations that are so embodied by 'pecking-order-based tradition and belief-system properties' that trying to address them would constitute a corruption and waste of exactly the physical and intellectual substance intrinsic to the 'optimization' identified in Overview above.

1 - Operating out of Ignorance and Aristocracy (institutionalized pecking order)
Inherent our intellectual evolution so far (discussion) is that (a) 'the greater one's knowledge of the life-form (science) and higher his aristocracy(*f), the greater is his potential for advancing dirigiste heurism' -and more or less antithetically then, (b) 'the higher one's aristocracy and greater his ignorance therein (science), the more unwilling and difficult he is of manipulation toward that dirigisme'.

2 - 'I Have A Right To Live Too!'
The fact of mankind's continuing diasporation identifies a de_facto universally institutionalized momentum, thus regardless of any steps initially taken towards sustainability, for example -top-down, 'science-based attrition' at best, there is no way to solidly offset that momentum of 'lessers consuming the resource/environment for better existence' -the more 'superfluous' the population, furthermore, the greater the momentum and irreversible the resource/environment corruption (example -*d).
3 - Dynamic Stability in 'A World of Autonomies'
The fact of 'a
world aristocracy of variously autonomous(*4) and ignorant individuals, peoples and nations variously still diasporating and saturating variously disparate resource/environments' identifies the de_facto non-existence of two or more nations anywhere capable of collaborating without 'belief system problems' of some kind at this time. Short of bumbling into inevitable 'dynamic stability' in other words, if it is to be undertaken at all, top-down attrition(*3) of 'unsupportable, pecking-order-based lifestyle and quality of life' to 'the bottom-up die-out of momentum-driven overpopulation the system cannot support', will most likely have to be done by some government scientifically operational-enough to do so.

4 - The Absence of Forensic Integrity
The general absence of forensic integrity thruout language so far is a major hindrance (example) to even a beginning 'dirigiste heurism'. The 'true scientist', in this respect (more below), will often find himself 'not getting thru' to some one principal or another, and having to decide to 'either drop the issue or manipulate around it' as is typical of all thus-far institutionalization. The problem here is not the absence of 'true scientists capable of dirigiste heurism', but a general unwillingness of potential such scientists to 'compromise their aristocracy' (example) -especially if 'No one else is doing it'; the fact is, however, that 'mankind will get there one way or another, but the collusion of proper scientists would get us there sooner and more properly'.

5 - 'Dead Weight' Unemployment and Unemployability
Given the 'heuristic nature of evolutionary process', it is 'the nature of the organism' that we cannot always be 'operating efficiently'. There are always then, people and situations which may be 'extraneous to the next and unknownable state of the machine' -a possible waste of potentially useful energy in that respect. What this means is that as the system 'optimizes' -'least population of least resource/environment corruption' (more below), we should expect to be able only to 'tune' unemployment and minimize unemployability towards 'best foreseeable needs' (more below).


Kernel Principles of Dirigiste Heurism - A Platform

... if all the various principals of a discussion cannot wrap their hands entirely about 'solely unambiguous material of discussion' -even to the inclusion of statistical qualification if so necessary, it may be that there is absolutely no substance whatsoever in whatever conclusions they come to.
(-from The Matter of Forensic Integrity)

There is no reason to believe that scientists today are not having a favorable influence on government and 'the nature and course of human evolution and progression' in general. The fact is however, that 'scientists' are scientists only in the lab -and 'existentially human' in every other way -which means then, that like everyone else so far (most scientists today), they are more interested in 'maintaining and improving their here-and-now lifestyle and quality of life' than they are in 'posterity too late discovering what we have left it to make the best of'.

[Noam Chomski, Antonio Damasio, Daniel Dennett, Jared Diamond, Jane Goodall, George Lakoff, Steven Pinker, E.O. Wilson, for example (the list does not end), are all 'close', but all fall short by being relatively unaware, to one degree or another, of what roles they play in the 'momentum of continuing, institutionalized and pecking-order-based government/economy aristocracy'. Scientists are well aware of the ambiguities and the incongruities in politics and in the supposed ethics underlying them-

The scientist working alone is intrinsically unhampered by 'pecking order' (likewise the mathematician), and working together too, then, scientists tend to keep pecking order out of their work -except as influenced by potential financial gains outside the laboratory ...
(-from 'The State of the Planet and Related Follow-Ups')

Following below is a set of 'beginning principles' that this writer holds 'inevitable of government by dirigiste heurism'. They are set down here as something most scientists might easily agree to if they were 'more properly' educated beyond the specialization of their professions -to 'the evolutionary process (biology) and anthropology attaching the organism':

(1) nature of general and human evolutionary process
(2) primary human evolutionary forces
(3) the vestigialization of noumenalisms in general
(4) the vestigialization of pecking order
(5) human requirements
(6) subspeciation, institutionalization, 'station' and hierarchy
(7) 'natural rights and freedoms'
(8) analysis and heuristics - government policy and operation

1 - General and Human Evolutionary Process
There are three successive and typically overlapping inhabitational stages attaching 'a new organism surviving into an econiche' -diasporative: that of the new organism proliferating into some 'essentially new' econiche-whole dynamic; saturative: the organism overpopulating what the econiche can support of it, and -organism population receding, consequently- stable: manifesting 'the dynamic stability of classical, econiche biologies'.
(-from The Unemployability Conjecture)

In various modes of autonomy and 'aristocracies of government/economy' then,
a - 'The nature and course of human evolution and progression' so far has been largely that of 'a pecking-order-based, warm-blooded vertebrate diasporating into an econiche new to it';
b - We are in various diasporative and saturative stages of corrupting various resource/environments beyond what they can support of us (Japan, Singapore, Darfur-Sudan et cetera).
c - We are variously in the process of 'discovering how various past modes of our intellectual growth and interaction with the resource/environment have had successively pejorative impacts upon our continuing existence'.

2 - Primary Human Evolutionary Forces
"... All organisms have a genetic imperative, and genetic imperative commits the organism to 'survive as an organism -as long as possible'.
... Human existence (so far) is fundamentally dependent on solar system mechanics.
... Human deliberative capability commits the organism (then) [example(*b)] to 'optimize that geological time-frame survival'."
(-from The 'Black Box' Nature and Course of Human Existence)
[Unless otherwise qualified or used, this use/definition of 'optimize' (and optimization) is generic hereafter.]

-thus 'the sooner and better optimization reduces population, the sooner and better sustainable resource use (definition) develops out of previous and existing use (discussion) and the sooner and better the 'husbanding' of undiasporated resource/environment to the 'benefit' of posterity.

3 - The Vestigialization of Noumenalisms in General
[The 'knowledgeable' reader will understand that 'dirigiste heurism' is NOT an 'ism' in what is otherwise the 'noumenalism' sense in these writings; it is, rather and simply, a matter of language (etymology) and 'circumstantial suffix'.]

Beliefs in religion or 'noumenalisms' of any kind -'natural rights and freedoms' (more below) and some one or other 'proper morality or ethics', for example, are 'operational artifacts circumstantial of human intellectual evolution out of ignorance' -logically apart of physical phenomenology, in that respect, and destined to be superceded by the dirigiste heurism (DH hereafter) of human existence inherent of genetic imperative and deliberative capability. -Noumenalisms are, therefore, only circumstantially compatible with that DH (if at all) and are still to be generally avoided except as 'heuristically expeditious'.

4 - The Vestigialization of Pecking Order
Our first form of 'government' derived naturally from our primitive, essentially mechanical, 'warm-blooded, cerebrating vertebrate' pecking order. Hominid evolution, however -'viability and quality of life' therein, is driven in addition and heuristically, by the assimilation and advancement of knowledge (aristocratization) in continuing supersuccession of the inefficiency of 'mere pecking order' -'the vestigialization of pecking order' therein. Peculiarly related to this is the matter of 'saving face' and 'not wanting to be wrong' -'No one likes to eat shit'; the fact remains however, that this aspect of pecking order is therein too, vestigialized.

5 - Human Requirements

There is a 'nature and course of human evolution'(*1). There is also then, a 'base domain of human requirements' (essay) that is fundamental to optimizing the role of the individual in what is 'the course of an aristocratizing human-organism-whole'.
(-from The Base-Domain of Human Requirements)
(*8) In keeping with 'optimization inherent deliberative capability' then (futurology)-
a - Everyone should be conceived, born, raised and educated in as broadly and deeply knowledgeable(*1) a way possible in keeping with his whatever physical or facultative peculiarities -and be accordingly manipulable and eventually manipulating to that 'aristocratization' thereby.

b - Underlying any aspect of endeavor or pursuit regarding some 'thing human' then is (should be) the primary criterion of the validity of that endeavor or pursuit -that 'thing human', with respect to that optimization. 'Value' and 'noumenalisms' as bases for any 'production, distribution and consumption of goods and services, in other words, are fundamentally incompatible with (optimizing) 'best husbanding of the resource/environment towards best well-being and viability of the organism-whole'.
[The arts are an inherent and important element of human requirements in that however difficult their
relationals may be to discuss as 'often encumbranced by esoteric bull-shit', they should, nevertheless -'merit existing', be seen as piquing the audience or spectator, reader, whatever, to higher-order relationals cogitation or sensations than he might be used to -a 'heuristic venture' of sorts into eventually perhaps potential use -'Things we've never thought about', 'What if's et cetera -Krystof Penderecki's 'Threnody for Hiroshima', for example -expanding, in effect, the potentiality of one's viability -serialism: (symphonic music), 'theater of the absurd', 'magical realism' (film), expressionism (painting), bauhaus (architecture), modern dance, 'confessional' poetry, science fiction -'dada' thruout -and furthering of the sciences in general:
The more the deliberating mind discovers about the relationals of its configurations space, the more it is 'piqued' to discover still higher-order relationals.

6 - Subspeciation, Institutionalization, 'Station' and Hierarchy
We are subspeciated by facts of rate-limitation(*z) and relational depth of 'knowledge', culture, 'belonging', government, economy, 'quality of life', both ownership and being owned -'faculties' (example), habits, physical limitations, 'preferences' and 'Botox' too. The deeper one's 'subspeciation', consequently, the greater his inability and ineptitude at cooperation -except as otherwise manipulated (education et cetera) -especially with the system under attrition. -Because rate-limitation constrains operational capability under deliberative, furthermore, subspeciation is both inevitable and successive.
(-abbreviated from Gross Demographic Changes Attaching Sustainable Resource Use ...)

-and by its very nature then, we also observe that subspeciation cannot exist without institutionalization of some kind.

Every 'intended-meritable' association of humans is based upon some kind of cooperation thru which, eventually, some 'system' of hierarchic and cross-linked, complex associations further expedites 'mankinds intrinsic investment of the configuration space'. As surely as the organism has certain base-domain requirements then, each 'station' has some base-domain requirements peculiar to it be they those of cheese-makers, scientists, or aboriginal hunters, or of managerial, legislative, judicial, administrative or other such bodies -family membership and 'studentship' included. -Each station, furthermore, typically has some 'figure-of-worth' relating it to some higher-order, more encompassing situation, and a second figure-of-worth identifying how the individual serves that station [discussion].
(-from The Base-Domain of Human Requirements -more below.)

The humanly physical and intellectual constitution of the hierarchy de_facto inherent of government/economy operation then, is likewise composed of such 'subspeciated' elements -and must, therefore, be likewise dynamic and totally subject to same such qualification and manipulation(*8) -and if their various institutionalizations have a difficult time getting along with each other, isn't why they can't get along with each other a problem for a more knowledgeable, still higher-order agency?

7 - 'Natural Rights And Freedoms'
Because of 'neonate ignorance' and 'deliberative capability', the life-form is, in addition to being fundamentally and intrinsically cognitional, also likewise and (often) ignorantly volitional in nature; there are, therefore, dispositions, intellectualizations and operations which are more or less 'intrinsically unique to the individual' (capabilities thereto perhaps included) regardless of his 'DH-intellectualized relationship to best well-being and viability of the organism-whole'; there are, therefore -and limitedly, 'natural rights and freedoms of a sort inherent therein and consequent of primary human evolutionary forces(*1), thus:

... based on ... the nature and course of human evolution under this 'geological time-frame' is what we may appreciate eventually as 'some organism-whole natural right and freedom of the individual to do his own thing' (occupation, life-style-and-quality et cetera) within some envelope of potential energy consumption [station, above] ... -but a 'freedom' in which 'there may be some dirigiste deliberation of what one must do for the organism-whole' regardless of how he feels about it personally.
(-from The Nature and Course of Human Evolution as The Basis of Economic Policy)
People can, in this respect and inherently, only but be variously assimilating of and attuned to DH -which, therefore, can only but be 'ideally scientific at the top' -and only but be 'increasingly so manipulated (scientifically -*8) towards the bottom'.

8 - Analysis and Heuristics - Government Policy and Operation
'Optimizing geological time-frame (then), best well-being and viability of the life-form on the planet' (ineluctable) is a purely scientific undertaking inside that planet/laboratory. 'Government policy' is an experiment, consequently , and government/economy operation then, is the running of that 'experiment' (example) -that endeavor-whole, dirigiste heurism.

The whole is, in fact, a single, heuristically evolving system -hierarchic and cross-linked, of variously functional individuals and stations of individuals, and the 'base-domain of human requirements' then, is a system of base-domains (corporeal and facultative) in which requirements for each individual and each station depend upon both his resource/environment and its functional role in that system of next-level stations and government/economies -and their roles, in turn, in that 'aristocratizing' whole.
(-from The Base-Domain of Human Requirements -and more below.)

More or less 'ideally' then, everyone should be receptive to being 'manipulated, manipulable and manipulating' -heuristic process thruout, system engineering- to 'optimizing best well-being and viability of the life-form-whole in its configuration space'. Thus, 'There is no right, no wrong, no "knowing what's best to do" or "the way things should be"'; there is only the 'black box' heuristic process of that 'best well-being and viability' driven by genetic imperative and deliberative capability -operations research(*2) in the broadest sense possible.

*c -

Beginning 'Dirigiste Heurism' Proper

The two sub-sections following close Part 4:
  • a discussion of 'the one government/economy policy core/material primarily underlying operational dirigiste heurism' -'(i) least population of (ii) least resource/environment corruption', and (iii) the nature of the only governmental and economic arena in which that material may be pursued.
  • an introduction and brief discussion of a series of policy statements developed progressively from that primary policy statement.
-it terminates with a lead-in to operations research beyond the capabilities of this writer.

The 'What and By Whom' of Undertaking 'Dirigiste Heurism'

The 'Black Box' Nature and Course of Human Existence argues that 'least population of least resource/environment corruption' is the basic vehicle and final target underlying 'the nature and course of human evolution and progression', the consequence of 'genetic imperative and deliberative capability' -no 'least resource/environment corruption' without 'least population'.

1 - Regarding 'least population' then, the fact of 'a world democracy of autonomous peoples and nations' makes it possible only for various individual nations to control their own populations and not those of other autonomies except posssibly thru 'various pressures of economics or national viability' (war in extremis) -which means then that population control policy is -at least initially, 'the business' of primarily individual nations.

2 - As to 'least resource/environment corruption' in addition then, there is no easy way to determine and more or less control how what such corruption of intranational or international importance depends upon use which ranges from 'the corruptive excesses of relatively few, wealthy individuals, peoples and nations' down to 'ekeing out an existence by a successively greater number of successively poorer individuals, peoples and nations' (see 'sustainable resource use') -which means then that anti-corruption policy too, is 'at least initially the business of primarily individual nations'.

3 - Thus, overall, because it is 'a world democracy of ignorantly autonomous peoples and nations', and because of the nature of dirigiste heurism, it is only those 'autonomous' nations that are 'governmentally and economically sound enough' and 'scientifically knowledgeable enough' that are most likely to 'succeed' at at least initial undertaking of such policy -federations of such perhaps included -some few European nations -Sweden in particular? -the E.U. at large? -in America, Canada and the U.S.(?) perhaps?. -Nor can this come about except by the reconstitution of government to 'capabilty of imposing heuristically corrective measures' -government by hard (and soft) scientists committed to (a) the principles above, and an 'attritioning' of (b) population growth (size therein) and (c) (economic growth) -'the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services' -'best well-being and viability of the organism-whole' with 'validity of goods and services' (discussion) determined in turn by base-domain human requirements.

Policy statements developing from 'least population of least resource/environment corruption' (next section) makes use of the phrase fallow utility to identify 'any sub-population that is subject to being more meritably employed' as follows:
*6 - regarding 'fallow utility' [FU]:
In general, the higher one is in 'the maintenance of government/economy' (of any kind) thru some one or other 'essential faculty or specialization' (physical or intellectual), the greater is his potential for maintaining his 'relative usefulness to government/economy' thru some other 'faculty' should the first cease to be effective; 'fallow utility', in other words, is relatable to any
idle-mind-time or related 'inoccupation' that is subject to being or becoming 'more meritably productive' -unemployment, 'premature retirement' and even 'slacker/fuck-off' time -especially that 'aristocratically upward' ('example: the stocktrader'.
[The antithesis of 'fallow utility' then, is 'uselessness' as the inverse of 'potentially meritable usefulness' -ineducable, unemployable drone/burden at worst.]

[utility n. pl. -ties 1. The condition or quality of being useful; usefulness: I have always doubted the utility of these conferences on disarmament (Winston Churchill). 2. A useful article or device. 3. A public service, such as gas, electricity, water, or transportation. -adj. Of the lowest U.S. Government grade of meat. [ME utilite < OFr. < Lat. utilitas < utilis, useful < uti, to use.
(-from The American Heritage Dictionary)

Policy Statements Developing from 'Least Population
of Least Resource/Environment Corruption'.

'Least population of least resource/environment corruption' entails the 'dirigiste heurism' [DH] of virtually every aspect of human existence and posterity-to-be -the reconstitution, therein, of all government and economics, thus, given the sprawl of complications developed above, 'the best way to engage this lofty mantra may be, perhaps, to devolve it into more or less autonomously addressable policy statements as progressively best possible'.

Following next is a set of such 'devolved' statements which -accordingly and because they overlap, do not 'direct' government/economy by any ease or difficulty of implemention so much as identify a 'spine' of progressive statements ordered for their importance as 'intellectual residents underlying system engineering' (DH) -the material-

  • initial population attrition and economic attrition in general
  • attrition of 'economic growth' to 'the economics of base-domain human requirements'
  • attrition of exports and imports to those of 'autonomous sustainability'
  • attrition of 'wealth, ownership and the indenturement of posterity'
-thus ('thumbnails' -more detail below)-
1 - If we shut-down immigration-
a - 'Cheap labor' will attrition, and goods and services associated with that cheap labor will also begin to attrition, but some of that 'lost domestic product' will be met by increasing wages to various segments of the unemployed (fallow utility'[FU]).
b - Some of that domestic product will also be met by existing 'benefactors' of such product defaulting to themselves maintaining it (discussion).
c - 'Economic growth' will lose some of that 'cheap labor' market and result in increased unemployment -newly-become FU that will have to be supported and occupied in some 'meritable' way (more below).
2 - If 'economic growth' is constrained to meeting basic human requirements -properly, for all people-
a - 'The nature of those basic human requirements' and the nature of government/economy realizing them -station requirements included (anti-example), will have to be determined by appropriately qualified scientists (more below).
b - The production, distribution and consumption of 'excessive goods and services' will attrition, unemployment and FU will increase and revenues will decrease.
c - Government can now 'engineer meeting unmet human requirements' out of now increased FU -development, production and distribution, by re-engineering earnings, taxes and economic policy.
3 - If 'economic growth is optimized around autonomous sustainability'-
a - Export/import goods and services will attrition towards basic human requirements and bring about attrition in the economic growth of related nations (example) -unemployment increasing there with the possibility of government instability following.
b - Some autonomous FU will be taken up ('engineering', above) in developing new educational capability for 'teaching those export/import nations how to incorporate that attrition' -and these, herein, practices.
c - Some FU will then also be taken up by actually exporting those capabilities and practices to those 'student' nations -knowledge regarding 'attrition, sustainability and dirigiste heurism'.
4 - If (further) 'earnings, wealth and ownership' are constrained (DH) by one's worth regarding 'the best well-being and viability of the continuing life-form' (engineering -above)-
a - Both (a) 'the excesses of lifestyle-and-quality with which one can indulge himself' and (b) 'the indenturement of posterity to make wealth good' will decrease with 'the constraint of wealth'.
b - 'What one can leave his inheritors' will be determined solely by 'what he manages to squeeze out of his own personal lifestyle and quality of life' -'wealth' included.
c - FU will increase accordingly, but will also be taken up with 'successively higher-order intellectual appeal': the better one's education, the easier his transition from (a) earnings, wealth and ownership', to (b) science and mathematics, and their various consequences in 'best well-being and viability of the continuing life-form' as herein manifest.



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First posted: June 17, 2005; Last revised: March 19, 2012

*2 - operations research n. Mathematical or scientific analysis of the systematic efficiency and performance of manpower, machinery, equipment, and policies used in a governmental, military, or commercial operation.
(The American Heritage Dictionary)

*3 - attrition n. 1. A rubbing away or wearing down by friction. 2. A gradual diminution in number or strength due to constant stress. 3. A gradual, natural reduction in membership or personnel, as through retirement, resignation, or death. 4. Theology. Repentance for sin motivated by fear of punishment rather than by love of God. [ME attricioun < Lat. attritio, act of rubbing against < atterere, to rub against : ad-, to + terere, to rub.]
(The American Heritage Dictionary)
*4 - autonomy n. pl. -mies 1. The condition or quality of being self-governing. 2. Self-government or the right of self-government; self-determination; independence. 3. A self-governing state, community, or group. [Gk. autonomia autonomos, autonomous.] autonomist n.
sovereignty n. pl. -ties 1. Supremacy of authority or rule as exercised by a sovereign or a sovereign state. 2. Royal rank, authority, or power. 3. Complete independence and self-government. 4. A territory existing as an independent state.
(The American Heritage Dictionary)
*b - The more we discover how we corrupt the integrity of our configuration-space, the more we find ourselves (1, above) wanting to NOT have corrupted it so as have had more of it to learn about and make 'better' use of the resource/environment toward that successively evolving and discovered, 'geological time-frame' end: What we do not understand, we always end up still wanting to understand -however made more difficult by corruption'.
*d - (example) 'what all lessers of the world want'-
American natural resources what they are, 'average-Whitey' has developed an easy, consumerist life-style-and-quality the
validity of which neither he nor the aspiring Afro-American understands or cares about. What the generally more ignorant Afro-American wants then, quite simply, is neither more nor less than the same options and circumstances that Whitey has to 'refuse a job -or go without one', and to 'buy smart and flaunt it' or mis-buy and waste (same as Whitey), and to 'indulge his freedom' or opportune himself or 'fuck-up and still be OK' -'job, lifestyle and the quality of life'.
(-from Afro-American Idiom, Experience and Unemployment)
*f - aristocracy: aristocracy n. pl. -cies 1. A hereditary privileged ruling class or nobility. 2. a. Government by the nobility or by a privileged minority or upper class. b. A state or country having this form of government. 3. a. Government by the best citizens. b. A state having such government. 4. A group or class considered to be superior. [OFr. aristocratie, government by the best < LLat. aristocratia < Gk. aristokratia : aristos, best + kratos, power.]
(The American Heritage Dictionary)


On Secular Humanism and
'How Deliberative Capability Works'
(et cetera)

1 - Is there such a thing as 'The Nature and Course of Human Evolution' that can be abstracted out of science today?
Yes: 'Genetic imperative' and 'deliberative capability' (via biology and anthropology) are two hominid properties that channel us as 'a progression of ever more knowledgeable hominids' -evolution and 'aristocratization' - that reflects what can only be called 'The Inevitable Transcendency of Science' -over all other 'being'.

2 - Does that 'nature and course' suggest some 'merit' in understanding and pursuing it? -and if so, what is that 'potential merit'?
Yes: The more we discover how we corrupt the integrity of our configuration-space, the more we find ourselves (1, above) wanting to have NOT corrupted it so as to have made (and make) the resource/environment easier to understand for 'better' use towards that successively discovered and evolving 'geological time-frame' end:
What we do not understand, we always end up still wanting to understand -however 'more difficult made by corruption'.

3 - Is there some 'best' way of advancing that knowledge and 'inevitablility' given the fact that (however circumstantially) ours is 'a world democracy of ignorantly autonomous individuals, peoples and nations'?
Yes: Understanding how the 'substance' of language continues to evolve out of neonate (natural) ignorance makes it possible for us to expedite the successively ongoing avoidance of words and ideas that are loaded with underlying primitive beliefs -'right', 'wrong', belief in 'god' and that 'democracy is the best form of government', for example- so as to successively constrain ourselves to the discrete language of that 'ever more knowledgeable nature and course'.