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The Nature and Course of Human Evolution as The Basis of Economic Policy

(Economics Note 5)
All government and economic policy today has come into existence out of pecking-order and beliefs more or less circumstantially evolved out of primitive learning and neonate ignorance -beliefs effectively 'traditional' now. This 'warm-blooded animal property' however -pecking-order, is destined to have only vestigial influence in 'the ultimate course of human progression' -and those beliefs, too, are destined to be superceded by the 'phenomenology of the configuration space'. -In time, consequently, the 'nature' and structure of government and economy will be significantly different from what it is today.
Part 1 - Introduction on the nature of this endeavor (with monograph, Pecking Order ... Government and Economic Policy)
If we can determine what 'the nature and course of human evolution' is -a heuristic process in 'genetic imperative under system constraints', then we may have criteria for distinguishing between what is consonant the course of human well-being and viability and what is 'pejorative' to it.

Part 2 - Evolutionary Framework Factors in The Nature and Course of Human Evolution - 'the matter of validity and energy expenditure' -a discussion of (a) our evolution and the etiology of our present human-being and (b) how, inevitably, we are destined to meet 'sustainable resource use' (with Appendix 1 - A Note On The Nature and Constitution of 'Sustainable Resource Use'(*v), and related monograph 'Sustainable Resource Use' and The Nature of Civilization and Government/Economy under Thus-far Human Evolution).

Evolutionary Process and Human Genetic Imperative
There is a genetic imperative intrinsic every viable or potentially viable organism, a property generally manifest (the organism surviving) in three successive, inhabitational stages of primary natural selection and econiche food-chain integration: diasporation, saturation and 'dynamic stabilization'

General Organism Evolution, Hierarchization and Dynamic Stability
Econiche biology is compounded by several successively evolving, properties -sexual reproduction, bi-lateral body organization and warm-bloodedness among others, but by primitive cerebration in particular, with its inherent pecking-order and idlemind-time-and-occupation'.

Activity, Occupation and Human Hierarchization
Human operational structure (institutionalization, eventually) is determined by (a) the heuristics inherent of 'neonate ignorance and deliberative capability', (b) the vestigialization of pecking-order implicit that (organism-whole aristocratization), and (c) discrete modes of activity and occupation imposed by rate-limited process.
Commonality of Human Mental and Physical Capability
The Vestigialization of Pecking Order
Modes of Human Activity and Occupation

Evaluating Sustainable Resource Use: Energy Expenditure and Validity, and Appendix, Energy and the Nature and Use of the Resource/Environment.
'Human well-being and viability' is ultimately to be determined only by validity of energy expenditure towards that end as constrained by sustainable resource use -evaluable (thus-far human evolution and progression) out of the 'genetics, imperative and nature' of the organism and those discrete modes of human activity and occupation.
Sustainable Resource Use
The Base-domain of Human Requirements
Energy Expenditure (with Appendix 2 - Energy and the Nature and Use of the Resource/Environment(*o)
Part 3 - Evolving Society's Issues and Variables and related-
Appendices: (1) A Word on 'Dirigiste Heurism'; (2) A Note on Education; (3) A Selection of Issues Discovered in the Course of These Writings
Essay Gross Demographic Changes Attaching Sustainable Resource Use (and its appendix, The Ontogeny of Sustainable Resource Use.)
Economics Note 7 - Global Warming and Other 'Geological Time-frame Matters of Economic Interest'

Whatever the 'nature' of human life may be opined to be, it is out of what it is at any particular moment that genetic imperative impels 'a certain destiny of evolution and progression'. It behooves us, consequently, to understand 'the human phenomenon' better than we do thru essentially prosaic soft-science, thus 'deliberative capability and its investment of the configuration space' informs us, for example, that this econiche/earth can sustain only so much 'humanity' -that, further, 'a vestigialization of pecking-order and noumenal beliefs is inevitable' -implicit therefore, a reconstitution of 'government and economy' as we know it today.
(1) Introduction - The evolution of knowledge may be characterized as the supercession of what we incompletely know by what we 'discover more definitively' -that process generally identifiable as one of 'improving transportability' [Part 2, earlier] registered in language-and-words. Because of that 'inherent ambiguity and inconsistency' [title material meaning dynamically different things to different people], better serving specification would be some structure absent that dialectic burden, some mechanism for identifying both those 'issues and variables' and the dynamics of their interrelationships, implications and 'manipulation' [-and we have that facility].

(2) The 'Phenomenology versus Noumenalism' of 'Language and words'
... discussion identifies 'capability of complete and unambiguous encompass of the human phenomenon and things human within the nature of language-and-words' -complete, in effect (from Part 2), to the identification of the source of all 'issues and variables' under human genetic imperative -'inevitable miscegenation and a vestigialization of pecking-order and belief in religion' among them, for example.

(3) The Further Partitioning of Phenomenological Material:
What Cannot Be An Issue, What Is Not An Issue, and What We Are Left With

('in the nature and course of human evolution and progression')
'Phenomenological material' (therefore, above) includes both (a) explicit formulations and (b) ideations which 'may be so formulated by means of unambiguous language-and-words consistently used' -of special interest here, for example, (a) validity (calculable usefulness or 'propriety') and (b) the ideas of 'decision-making' and 'a reconstitution of government and economy' -further examples: (b) 'the vestigialization of religion' and (a) the tools for that vestigialization: people, agency, pencil-and-paper, procedural rules to be used, the place of decision-making et cetera -but NOT the decision-making process itself. 'Issues and variables' then, is material in which one has to make decisions -not of 'a formulaic nature' ('routine to us', described above), but those hermeneutic by fact of essentially 'unencompassed' experience, thus phenomenological material can be further partitioned so as to single out exactly this such 'unassimilated' material.

(4) What We Are Left With
-Discovered In The Nature and Course of Human Evolution and Progression
It is what we have discovered -but have yet to institutionalize in some way, that is the only, proper basis of any system reconstitution, a process in which theorization should (per Part 2) take on a distinctively proactive cast for 'the best-continuing well-being of the organism-whole'. The most general statement of this situation is-

How do we determine 'best institutionalization for the organism-whole' where virtually ANY institutionalization affects -'pejoratively', and in an 'aristocratically pecking-ordered top-down sense'- the 'natural rights and freedoms of our only thus-far intellectual evolution'? -'vestigializing ethnic and religious freedom' for example? -and 'superceding (heuristically) American free-enterprise capitalist democracy'?
(examples from Appendix 3, A Selection of Issues Discovered in the Course of These Writings)
-there is no such thing as 'natural rights and freedoms'.
-intellectual 'lifestyle and quality of life' is destined to supercede 'pecking-order-based' physically manifest.
-all government is destined to go 'heuristically dirigiste' under science.
'-The economy has to grow' is a logically unengageable statement.
[Modern man is relatively unaware of the effect he has on the resource/environment of his 'whole-world/econiche' -that, for the seriousness of its implications to his existence, it can be viewed only in 'geological time-frame' sense -much the same as an epoch of the Cenozoic era, for example.]

Part 4 - Heuristic Government and Economic Policy
-'construction and mechanisms optimizing those inevitable issues and variables in that evolutionally destined framework'-
The first form of 'government' was that of pecking-order by generally warm-blooded animals. Beyond that, it is the deliberative capability of hominids with which anything of a further and eventually true government can be identified. 'In the nature of deliberative capability' however, unlike the relatively limited cerebration of 'lesser warm-bloodeds', man develops a continuously growing encompass of his configuration-space out of new-to-the-organism experience -the inherent institutionalization of which identifies dirigiste heurism as inevitable form of government.

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