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The Base-domain of Human Requirements

(appendix to Unemployment and Economic Policy)

There is a 'nature and course of human evolution'. There is also then, a 'base domain of human requirements' that is fundamental to optimizing the role of the individual in what is 'the course of an aristocratizing human-organism-whole'.

Studies in animal ecology typically identify econiche relationships critical to the viability of some 'non-deliberating' organism. 'Base-domain' here extends these essentially corporeal requirements to mankind by including consequents and implications of his 'deliberative capability'(*1), a property which precipitates and makes further possible a distinction between what 'knowledge and appurtenances' are fundamental to his organism viability, and those, facultative, that are critical to 'the evolving and progressing organism-whole'.

Human corporeal requirements are those, in general, of food, clothing, housing and health maintenance, and the various forms of physical and psychological institutionalization which support one's essentially static well-being, everything, that is, from 'the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services'(*2) to 'routine communion and parenting (nurturing love and attention -*a) and other civilizing influences'. Facultative requirements herein then, are those of the knowledge, tools and mechanisms or institutionalizations thru which the organism (society and civilization eventually) evolves and progresses(*3), be that manifest in once 'prohominid knowledge' or modern science, technology, law, government and 'the humanities' in general.

This is an important distinction in that what are or are not 'proper corporeal requirements' can be determined only thru facultative mechanisms under evolution -every 'requirement', consequently, has both a momentlyness and correlate validity about it; the 'food, clothing and shelter' of yesteryear, for example (prohominid forward) is limited in substance to some endemic and 'momently' state of evolution and therefore not 'validly' the same as of elsewhere or of further evolution, and (ii) the existence of 'Barbie Doll' can not be validated as 'critically fundamental to human-organism viability or evolution'(*4) (more of which below). Facultative requirements in other words, are the educational and developmental facilities and institutionalizations that accede promotion and assimilation of some next-level of organism-whole progression and evolution(*5) -knowledge, that is, acceding hominid aristocratization(*6).

The further situation is that mankind is 'a new organism still diasporating into its whole-earth econiche'(*7), and 'civilizational sophistication' therefore (and for at least some generations to come) is no more than that of 'a tribal-world democracy (primitive) of pseudo-autonomous nations' (Evolution, Autonomy and Aristocratization) and sub-nations of subordinate peoples in various stages of development and communion. The whole is, in fact, a single, evolving system -hierarchic and cross-linked, of variously functional individuals and 'stations of individuals'(*8 -below), and 'the base-domain of human requirements' then, is a system of base-domains (corporeal and facultative) in which requirements for each individual and each station depend upon both its resource/environment and its functional role in that system of next-level stations and government/economies -and their roles, in turn, in that 'aristocratizing' whole.
[Every 'intended-meritable' association of humans is based upon some kind of cooperation thru which, eventually, some 'system' of hierarchic and cross-linked, complex associations further expedites 'mankinds intrinsic investment of the configuration space'. As surely as the organism has certain base-domain requirements then, each 'station' has some base-domain requirements peculiar to it be they those of cheese-makers, scientists, or aboriginal hunters, or of managerial, legislative, judicial, administrative or other such bodies -family membership and 'studentship' included. -Each station, furthermore, typically has some 'figure-of-worth' relating it to some greater situation, and a second figure-of-worth identifying how the individual serves that station.]

One need only consider in this respect, the widely varying requirements of aboriginal or nomadic communities (and of stations within them) as compared with those of relatively self-sustaining agrarian communities or prison townships (eg Angola, Louisiana) or (larger framework still) with those of potentially self-sustaining nations of the First and even Second World where 'institutionalized Barbie-Doll requirements' are of seriously questionable resource/environment utilization and validity in that respect. -The base-domain, it may be observed, is not much different from a basic cost of living if that were designed and ministered to expenditure optimizing one's station-potential for the organism-whole.

(*b - Regarding validity and worth then-)
Civilization today is driven primarily by paralogical constructs predicated on 'value' in which the 'value' of something (anything of 'the human phenomenon and things human') is more or less circumstantially evolved out of pecking-order (primitive) and natural-selection mechanisms (
Pecking Order and Economic Policy). What this means is that the operations and advances of even modern society and civilization are predicated not upon 'validities inherent some nature and course of human evolution' (aristocratization), but rather upon rationales of 'highly personalized, idiomatic disposition'(*9), thus whereas 'the validity (or none) of corporeal requirement' is relatively computable, 'validity of facultative requirement' depends entirely upon the 'sophistication' of principals to see science, mathematics and heuristics as the only proper basis of such evaluation (Unemployment and Economic Policy) -basis, that is, which precludes roles for religion, ethnicity and other noumenalisms in health, welfare, education and government/economy policy in general. What this means is that much of our 'valued things-human' are mere 'artifacts' from the course of relatively still-primitive, hominid evolution -that, more important and generally, 'value' is eventually and inevitably to be superceded by validity as the basis of human operation-

1 - (stage-setting) Because of 'unique deliberative capability', mankind is likely to remain -thus-far geologic time-frame, 'the highest-order organism still-diasporating into its whole-earth/econiche'.

2 - Primitive, congregational hierarchization is, intrinsically, based upon 'pecking-ordered (ignorant), survival-of-the-fittest investment of the configuration space'.

3 - Primitive, self-facilitating 'society', consequently (civilization, eventually), evolved as a successively hierarchic structure based upon that 'one man availing himself of another'.

4 - Such evolving 'progression' (out of initially primitive vertebrate cerebration and 'knowledge') cannot know what is or is not of 'value' except thru 'applicable statisticality developing out of evolving science and mathematics'.

5 - Validity of item or mechanism, consequently, depends solely upon knowledge in this (above) 'nature and course of hominid evolution' -'worth' therein.

In consequence then-
-all beliefs, morals, philosophy, religion, ethnicity et cetera -all 'tastes' in art, clothing, jewelry, persona, self-image, housing and decoration, automobiles, films, music, self-indulgence, garden arrangements et cetera -all sermon, mantra, honor, ignomy et cetera -and the industries, institutions and government/economies of their agriculture, construction, manufacture, formulation, administration et cetera-
-are circumstantial to thus-far-sapiens still-diasporative progression, the 'things human' which (hierarchically) some 'upper-class' depends upon 'cheap natural resources and labor (proliferating underclass)' to support (in excess?) and to which, inherently, 'everyone aspires' -the 'lessers' of the world having 'shorter, meaner, emptier lives' than their 'betters' not because they are 'less deliberatively capable', but because of 'circumstantialities', having -that is, hierarchically- fewer lessers under them of whom to avail themselves in our 'thus-far pecking-ordered, survival-of-the-fittest progression'.-It is to be expected then, that 'an unnecessary degradation of the system will prevail' -mankind 'progressing' in the resource/environment, as long as the base-domain requirements of the individual fail him his potential to favor the continuing organism-whole. (See 'Sustainable Resource Use' and The Nature of Civilization and Government/Economy under Thus-far Human Evolution.)

[What does the organism REALLY need of what we 'want' from (eg) The American Dream? -we do not know. That we continue to populate and diasporate into all reaches of the planet tells us, nevertheless, that corporeal requirements are in fact -well or ill, generally met. That those requirements are 'ill met' at all however, tells us that the etiology of that 'ill-meeting', of ethnic, religious, political and other idiomatic influences, is NOT part of that facultative body -that that ill-meeting is, further, 'pejorative to the aristocratizing whole of configuration space investment'. -Should Saddam Hussein have been assassinated to the betterment of Iraq's people and the organism-whole? -perhaps. -Are we making 'best use of lifers'? -or should we kill them off because their existence is 'wasteful'? -or have we somehow failed these people of their basic requirements?]

The situation remains that we are not making 'best use' of either ourselves or each other or of the resource/environment because we are motivated -thus-far mankind, largely by 'primitive values' -and until we subscribe knowledgeably better use by meeting our basic requirements as integral members of the organism-whole that we are inevitably becoming, we will continue to find ourselves of the past (hindsight) as having gravely misused each other and abused the potentials of that resource/environment.

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First posted: August 8, 1996; Last modified: January 22, 2007

*1 - Deliberative capability, congregational sexuality and pecking order are among the several physiological properties discussed in Kernal Properties of The Hominid Organism.
*2 - 'The production, distribution and consumption of goods and services' is discussed as a conjunction of four modes of human occupation in Unemployment and Economic Policy -the modes, namely, organism sustenance related, intellectual, life-style-and-quality related and 'idle-mind occupation'.
*a - Re: nurturing love and attention: There is, for essentially every warm-blooded vertebrate (and many, many 'cold'), some amount of such attention without which the organism develops 'less than optimally viable and reproductive' -nor does this include the overindulgence common of 'successful humanity' today.
*3 - progression:
It is the 'statistically reliable usefulness of explanation attaching a perceived phenomenon' (eg conjuring 'soul' to inhabit live bodies but not dead) that promotes progression -'knowledge, however erroneous in fine'- and it is progression in turn that operates to increase the integrity of 'knowledge'. Progression here means generally continuing evolutionary process reflecting natural-selection and pecking-order with or without apparent genetic mutation, but even as may be influenced or modified by 'heritage' of some kind -primitive tools and techniques onward into eventually civilizational advances thru technology and science. (-from
The System of Human Experience)
*4 - The 'validity' of some one or other element or aspect of 'the human phenomenon and things human' depends upon its function in 'the nature and course of human evolution'. This material is discussed in parent essay Unemployment and Economic Policy.
*5 - The illiterate parolee (an extreme example) has, in addition to critical requirements for 'food, shelter and a job', one for 'a civilizing environment preempting recidivism and raising him -whether he likes it or not, to some next level of usefulness', thus his 'facultative' domain must include actively promoting that next level over and above merely providing access to it. It is this facultative aspect that is perhaps least understood and subscribed in government/economy today.
*6 - aristocratization:
The supercessions of mankind -one genus or strain of hominids by another, false starts and dead branches included, is characterizable as an 'aristocratization' in that each such hominid is 'increasing-potentially capable of manifesting a more phenomenologically knowledgeable viability and idlemind-occupation' ... -a more sophisticated life-style-and-quality ... (-from
Kernel Properties of The Hominid Organism)
the evolutionary process by which ... mankind's speciation and continuing progression has generally been manifest as successively higher-orders of deliberative capability -essentially of 'increasing phenomenology and decreasing noumenalism'. (-from Arms Reduction and Global Reconstruction)
*7 diasporation-
There are three modes of organism viability manifest in any econiche: diasporative, that of a new organism effecting some 'essentially new' econiche stability; saturative, the organism overpopulating what the econiche can support of it and, consequently, receding into (3) stable, manifesting the 'dynamic stability' of classical, econiche biologies. (-from
The Unemployability Conjecture - Economics Note 3)
*9 - 'idiomatics' (the)-
a body of generalized beliefs, thought processes and modes of confrontation and expression variously common to most peoples of the world; essentially 'what it is the nature of things to be' (especially men and women: 'You can't change human nature') or 'what they ought to be'. It includes for example, both the 'inner rights' of 'looking good' and 'having fun' and the outer but universal interrelationships and expressions of 'nurturing (soft) womanhood', 'provident (strong) manhood' and the 'propriety of having children', of 'belonging' and the 'primacy of one's kind and ways' (-and their expressions of shame and insult -'saving face', machismo, 'gay pride', 'self esteem' etc), of practices in 'powers unknowable to us' (religion) and of various work and play criteria and ethics -'merit', 'worth', ownership et cetera.(-from
Kernel Properties of The Hominid Organism)